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Perfect storm - 2yr old tantrums and 39 weeks pregnant....

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Queazy Fri 18-Dec-15 18:10:57

I feel awful. I just cried in front of my 2 year old because she wouldn't eat any of her dinner or let me change her dirty nappy. She saw I was crying and let me change her nappy, but still refused to eat a thing. She's such hard work at the moment because of terrible two's behaviour, and I'm exhausted. She won't sleep unless I sit with her since she was ill 3 weeks ago (not ill now) and I dread the drama at bedtime.

Not sure what advice I'm looking for. Just wanted to write it down as she's driving me nuts, though I love her to bits sad

BiscuitBeast Fri 18-Dec-15 18:20:18

36 weeks pregnant with difficult 2 year old at the moment too. I feel your exhaustion brew

It's not easy but you're doing the best you can I'm sure. Be kind to yourself, meal times are often disappointing here so I never expect great things from them.

Everything is a phase.

My little one is getting over hand, foot and mouth which is why he's so unlike his bubbly self.

Things will improve you just have to ride them out xx

winchester1 Fri 18-Dec-15 18:20:27

Could you try telling her to read/play with her toy/lay down and you will be back in 5 min. Go back and tell her the same and you'll be back in 10min etc.
Not that I'm in any position to give advice I shouted at my one and two yr olds today because they are getting over a bug and keep hugging/climbing/sitting on me and after two weeks its driving me up the fucking wall.

Queazy Fri 18-Dec-15 18:25:33

Thanks both of you thanks I threw her changing bag across the room. Bit embarrassed about that...I'm like the two year old. It's just bad timing for the truly defiant, 'no' stage to come in just before baby due. Perhaps she's picked up on baby coming etc.

I'd go away for 2mins but she either finds me or has a tantrum. I miss the days where you could put them in a jumperoo and have some time out. Absolutely true that everything is just a phase tho - think I'm just v hormonal and tired today!

LMonkey Fri 18-Dec-15 20:21:49

I was experiencing something similar this time last year. It wasn't exactly the same type of thing but my then 2 year old DS developed the WORST tantrums when I was quite heavily pregnant with DD. Oh god it was so bad. He threw a massive and I mean mahoosive tantrum when I was out shopping with my mum on my birthday of all days. He just went ballistic and I just had to leave my poor mum with the buggy and all the shopping bags, scooped him up and carried him up the road to a church yard. I had to physically restrain him. My mum didn't know where we'd gone but just followed the screams lol! He did start being generally difficult around this time, usually when we had to leave somewhere and he didn't want to go. So hard to deal with when you're pregnant, both physically and emotionally.

As I said not exactly the same as your situation but just wanted to share my sympathy and let you know that I feel your pain!

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