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Playing babies / Drs

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justwondering72 Sun 13-Dec-15 17:06:29


I have an 8yr old DS. I've always tried to be very open and honest in answering any questions that he has asked about sex, which is completely the opposite to my own upbringing... So he has a fair understanding (I think) of the basics and I'm happy to answer any other questions that arise.

The problem that I have atm is that one of his best friends is a girl, the same age. They've been friends since they were tiny, and always spent a lot of time hanging out together, and our families are great friends too. Recently though, I get the feeling that their play is changing - there's a lot more cuddling up close (often to read together but not always), and role playing games (which DS has never been keen on other than ninjas;-)) like 'babies' where one is the baby and the other the parent... You get the picture.

I know it's totally normal for them both to explore their sexuality in a totally innocent way at this age. But it's setting me on edge, and my reaction is to barge in when it goes all quiet in his room and shoo them outside for healthy play in the cold air!

So what should I do? Do I need to talk to DS? I've no idea what to say, and don't want to shame him or confuse him. We often talk about respecting other people's wishes and boundaries... But what if the other person is playing along happily? I grew up with no brothers, and went to a very very small primary school, so really didn't have any boy friends at this age - so the whole 'playing Drs and Nurses' stage completely passed me by. I don't know what's normal here.

CultureSucksDownWords Sun 13-Dec-15 19:09:21

Maybe this advice page from the NSPCC might be of help?

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