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18mo obsessed with wedding ring!

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Pinkpowderpuff Mon 19-Oct-15 12:53:38

This is going to sound really weird and like something from Lord of the Rings but my toddler has an obsession with holding and fiddling with my wedding and engagement rings while they are on my finger. He will go off and play then come back to me and ask for 'ring', will hold and fiddle for a bit then go off and come back a few minutes later and ask again. If he is crying, upset or wants comfort he will want a cuddle but also looks for the rings. When we are out walking he HAS to hold the finger with the rings so he can fiddle as he walks. Be still breastfeeds morning and bedtime and..... You guessed it..... Fiddles with the rings while feeding. I rock him for nap and be has to have the rings to hold then too (they are always on my finger). I'm getting pretty sick of this as it's constant now. If I take them off he isn't too bothered, he just says 'ring all gone' then carries on doing other things. He does ask for my husband's occasionally but as I'm a SAHM, it's mine he seems out 99% of the time. Shall I just wait for this to pass or take off the rings until he forgets about them?

whatdoIget Mon 19-Oct-15 12:57:09

I'd be a bit worried about him managing to work them off and them getting lost! Otherwise it's ok if you don't mind and he can be comforted without them I suppose.

Pinkpowderpuff Mon 19-Oct-15 13:02:06

He can't get them off, he doesn't pull at them, just holds/fiddles. My own little gollum!

ArriettyMatilda Tue 20-Oct-15 14:45:44

I have a similar issue with breastpads! Dd is nearly two and has to fiddle with and hold one during every feed. I think that as they are out of sight usually, she doesn't bother to ask for them. I've heard stories of toddlers nipple twiddling and gripping flesh so this alternative doesn't seem so bad.

Bishboshbash Wed 21-Oct-15 09:28:11

Could you just stop wearing them of a while and see if he forgets about it? My DS is like this with the neck/sleeve seems of my top. I think its quite sweet that he finds it comforting but it is annoying sometimes. They will grow out of it I'm sure.

Littlef00t Sun 25-Oct-15 15:29:43

They've become a comfort item like a blanket or toy could do, so I wouldn't worry. Agree stop wearing them for a bit and offer something else instead if you prefer.

Serafinaaa Sun 25-Oct-15 15:44:31

If it annoys you that he has to fiddle with the rings on your finger, could you attach some cheap rings to a toy or blanket somehow so he could have his own? Obviously they would have to be very secure so that he couldn't swallow them etc! My brother used to love fiddling with clothes labels and always had to carry an item of clothing around in his hand to rub the label. They now make toys for children like him with lots of 'labels' on. You could invent the ring toy!

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