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9yo DS Refusing to go to school, in need of advice before the new year starts please.

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TooLaidBackForMyOwnGood Wed 12-Aug-15 19:59:15

Our 9 year old boy has refused to go to school a number of days at the end of last term. He just started screaming and refused to get dressed. If we manage to get him to the school gates the teachers take over and he has been fine and happy at school. This is very out of character for him as has never hated school. We thought this was an end of school year thing and put it down to his dyslexia and tiredness but reluctance to see friends and do regular things during the holidays has continued to be a battle. We are really concerned about this and also the impact on our 8 year old son, and would welcome any suggestions on where to go from here before we start the school year…

LIZS Wed 12-Aug-15 20:03:22

Could you arrange for him to meet teacher beforehand, on neutral ground if he won't go into an empty school.

mummytime Wed 12-Aug-15 20:37:49

If he is withdrawn then I would go and talk to your GP, but even if they refer you it may take longer than the new term for any kind of appointment to come through.

I would also email the school (someone will be in at some point) and see if you can talk to someone there before term begins.

And you need to talk to him, and I'd also make notes on what stresses him (it may included any mention of how he "feels" or the slightest mention of school/going out).

Does he have a diagnosis of Dyslexia?

bigdonna Sun 16-Aug-15 11:34:36

hi i had the same situation with my son he started refusing school from 9 he also was withdrawn wouldnt go out the house had no friends .after trying to get him to go to school for 14 month he told me he had been being bullied we changed schools which i had brilliant support two staff would take him to a room and give him a drink play until he felt he could go in class.he loved this school.he was later diagnosed with adhd and could try doing a staggered start as in just mornings talk to the school then gradually more hrs hope hes ok i know its very worrying when your child is unhappy good luck

Wolfiefan Sun 16-Aug-15 11:35:24

Why does he say he doesn't want to go?

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