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How do I stop my toddler from pinching and biting me?

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Sansarya Mon 20-Jul-15 13:46:25

DS is 17 months but for the past few months constantly wants to pinch or bite me. I know he does it out of affection as he doesn’t try it with anyone except me and DP, but it’s getting unbelievably frustrating and it bloody hurts too! I say no in a firm voice and remove his hand (which he thinks is hilarious), or put him in his cot for a few minutes (where he usually screams) but neither approach is helping and I’m reaching my wits end sad Any ideas how I can get him to stop?

TheHouseOnBellSt Mon 20-Jul-15 15:52:51

It's not out of affection. It's a call for attention. Any kind of attention is good when you're 17 months old. I used to ignore my DD for a minute when she did this. I would leave the room...or put her outside it for a few seconds.

She soon stopped.

lazyfrog Mon 20-Jul-15 21:52:34

Yep just attention seeking. I say 'no biting mummy' once and if happens again move ds away - put him down away from me. A minute or so quiet and then carry on with the day chatting like it wasn't happening. It's working and hitty bitey pully behaviour has lessened loads. Now if I could just cure winey leg holding when I'm cooking life would be perfect...

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