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3mnth baby pulling himself up?

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taralisa89 Sun 19-Jul-15 08:42:17

My 3month old baby is trying his hardest to pull himself up. If he holds onto my hands hes pulling himself up without me pulling him. Is this normal at this age? Hes also very strong on his legs, while holding him he just loves to stand on my lap

Littlef00t Sun 19-Jul-15 14:15:42

My dd at that age sounds similar to your LO. She was happiest standing with me holding her hands to support her, from 8 wks. Cruising furniture not ewrly, but before she crawled.

MummaV Fri 24-Jul-15 23:18:45

My DD (14 weeks) does exactly the same and has been happiest standing from about 7 weeks and tries to hold my hands and pull herself up constantly. She's become very good at it and can take a few wobbly steps with me holding her hands. She has definitely discovered her feet and legs before her arms and hands, other than chewing her hands or holding my hands or her teething ring her arms are constantly flailing around all over the place!

MyNameIsButterfly Sat 25-Jul-15 03:43:20

warning! I'm not sure how is dealt with in uk but in my country its not recommended to encourage so young children to walk. The reason is that their body's basic muscles are not strong enough and when they stand they curl they toes and it will tents their little muscle which may cause back problems later in life.
Although it's not really an option to stop them(they love their new skill) you can help their little bodies to relax by giving them a massage and taking them to swimming which will help to strengthen core muscles. Also in my country doctor prescribes an orthopedic shoes to wear.
I know this coz it happened to my little nephew and now to my own daughter.

icklekid Sat 25-Jul-15 03:49:03

Yes ds was always the same I have a picture of him doing it with my dad from only a few weeks old. He always loved standing. He cruised around furniture early but only just confidently walking one week after 1st birthday -a lot of people told me would be 9/10 months. ..not always! He was so much happier when crawling rather than not able to see/get to where he wanted!

With regards to pp Generally in the uk they are not encouraged to wear shoes until walking but you can get cruisers for if out and about and crawling /cruising.

SolasEile Sat 25-Jul-15 03:59:50

It's definitely possible - my DD is 9 months now but she was pulling up around 3-4 months old. I would hold her hands and she would get up to stand herself without me lifting her up. I even have a photo of her standing up in her cot at 4.5 months old, holding onto the rail by herself. It really surprised me because my DS didn't pull up to stand for ages, not until he was about 9 months old.

DD seems to have great balance and sits well too, almost never falls over. Hope it translates into good physical poise when she's older but you never know. It can be quite random how these things work out!

purplemurple1 Sat 25-Jul-15 05:36:29

I know they use to warn of bow legs if you encourage early walking and standing not sure if they still do.
My ds was trying to pull up very early and rolled at a few weeks old but it was reflex rather than the real skill and stopped. He learnt and really controlled those skills at the normal ages 6/10 months walked about 16 months.

MyNameIsButterfly Mon 27-Jul-15 20:07:06

i know what you mean about cruising shoes but the ones i mean are proper orthopedic shoes. You won't get them from clarks wink
and you Bow legs will straighten up once they grow older!

Finola1step Mon 27-Jul-15 20:14:26

My ds was like this. Was crawling by 16 weeks and pulling himself up against the sofa at 18 weeks. He wasn't an early walker, days after his 1st birthday. But as soon as he could walk, he could run.

And so it continues. Now aged 7, he plays football, tennis, cricket and squash. He swims really well and has competed against other schools at inter county athletics events. It doesn't stop and he didn't get it from me! So be prepared OP, very prepared grin

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