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8 month old early waking

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tiredmommy123 Wed 17-Jun-15 13:37:46

Hi this is my first time on here. I wanted to hear from other mom's about how you dealt with early waking??? My daughters sleep has been ok ish up till now. She started " sleeping through" at 6 months and now at 8 months following a bad cold when she woke at 4.40 am (this was after a couple of bad nights and days where she didn't eat much) she had a horrible nappy so I changed her and gave her a bottle to settle her back as she had been ill. Now we seem to be stuck in this cycle for that last 3 weeks where she wakes babbles for 20- 40 mins then crys. I have started giving her her bottle as I thought she has been asleep for over 10 hours so could be hungry ...she usually goes back sleep after the feed...unless she wakes at 5.30 then you are up for the day...which I am fine with....however I want to try and prevent the waking from getting earlier and earlier and try and move away from the bottle on bed.I dud plan to try and address thus before now but sometimes I guess you just have to see how things pan out. Also I'm dye back at work in a few weeks so she has been nursery/ grandparents getting used to them. So on those days when she has woke early I have been opting to feed her for her to go back sleep so she is not grumpy all can't do right for doing wrong as a parent can you??? Any advice greatly appreciated xxx

stressbucket1 Wed 17-Jun-15 18:27:27

I don't think there is much you can do if the bottle is working and settling her back off to sleep I would be tempted to stick with that. Maybe offer it when she first wakes so she isn't awake for as long so you hopefully both get more rest?
My DD had this phase for a while and eventually she stopped going back to sleep after the bottle so we stopped giving it and started going in just to shush and lay her back down.
DD1 however slept through quite early but started the day at 5-5.30.
What time is her last nap of the day? Maybe wake her a bit earlier from that?

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