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Its been every day for the past few weeks

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tammybear Wed 28-Apr-04 17:59:33

For the past few weeks, dd just wont eat her dinner. She keeps chucking the food on the floor, or will turn her head away or will push the spoon away. What can I do?

dinosaur Wed 28-Apr-04 18:00:43

What age, tammybear? And has she been poorly, or do you think she could be coming down with something?

kalex Wed 28-Apr-04 20:01:44

With both ds and dd, went off food when going through growth spurts, although that sounds ridiculous. Would stop eating 4 two/three weeks and then be ravenous, which for both is normal behaviour. I have stopped worrying about it, and take food away if they dont want it( saves the carpet, there is only so much wheatabix a carpet can stand!), and dont feed them again until next meal time, to avoid the snacking and then not hungry at meal times.

Once I regcognised the connection i.e don't want to eat, and clothes are sunddenly too small, stopped stressing which took alot of heat out of the situation. But always if there are any other symptoms, (general other unusual behaviour) quick visit to GP.

Although aslo generally unhelpful. If I here that one of my children has a virus one more time I shall Scream

tammybear Wed 28-Apr-04 20:19:09

16 months dinosaur, and no she hasnt been ill, she seems completely fine.

Kalex, how long did that last for, and would they just start eating again?

twiglett Wed 28-Apr-04 20:21:37

message withdrawn

baldrick Wed 28-Apr-04 20:22:11

hello tammybear, wonder if their tastes change at this age, can vaguely remember ds liking food and then not wanting it...what sort of food do they have btw

collision Wed 28-Apr-04 20:22:57

My ds was doing this for a while and i realised that he was just lazy as he drank lots of milk! I cut his milk and ALL snacks to make him really hungry and he eats everything now. It really is just a phase......but very irritating!!

baldrick Wed 28-Apr-04 20:23:04

goood advics Twiglett

tammybear Wed 28-Apr-04 20:39:07

She has anything to eat really, but Ill try what you guys have suggested. Thanks! xx

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