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7yo ds so moody and im unsure about what to do.

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sanquhar Sat 10-Jan-15 10:08:56

This might be rambling and disjointed but perhaps people can give some good advice.

We have noticed in the last 6ish months that ds' mood has been getting lower and lower.
He strops at the slightest thing, says things like "everyone hates me, mum hates me, dad hates me, everyone hates me" and then bursts into proper sobs. Even if he hasn't been told off, just an exasperated tone can do it.

I've also noticed he doesn't seem to be as popular as he once was, his friends don't approach him in the playground in the mornings anymore and none call out to him on the school walk.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that his dad travels away for work a lot or if it's his new teacher at school.
I'm leaning towards the new teacher explanation. We had some behavioural problems last year and spoke to the school who were surprised and said he was as good as gold at school and thought he was a delightful boy. We decided it was dh's method of parenting(copying his own terrible upbringing) so ds improved when dh stopped the yelling.

This year with a new teacher he says he is always being told off for stuff he didn't do and being put in time out. I'm inclined to believe him due to the glowing reports from last year.

What should we do<wails> take him to the GP and ask about childhood depression? approach the school, and say what if we do?

Or try some home counselling ourselves? how to ask him what's up without setting him off into a Kevin strop?

I think that's everything.

GlitzAndGigglesx Sat 10-Jan-15 10:10:58

He might be having another student being nasty to him and saying those things

jamie865 Sat 10-Jan-15 13:43:01

my 6 year old daughter is doing the same thing she said we dont love her and she is crying more and more and when she goes to school she is crying and the school keeps asking her is everything ok at home its to the point that the school is fixing to call DFACS in..when i sat down to talk to my daughter and ask her why was she crying and she's bringing up suff that happen weeks and even months ago she said she was thinking about something that happen 1 month ago and it makes her cry..she talks back to us she yells out at us and most deffently does not listen to us i will tell her to do something 5 times and then i finally have to yell at her for her to hear me.i dont know what to do anymore.i know she probley needs a good spanking and we need to start taking things from her and i have told her how seroius this is about dfacs but she doesnt understand that.please help me do i just a whinny baby or is there something i can do

arlagirl Sat 10-Jan-15 13:46:20

Jamie..a good spanking??

Wellyelly11 Sat 10-Jan-15 13:52:18

I'm having exactly the same issues with my 8year old son, so you're not alone! I've been trying to reward his good behaviour and when he is in a good mood, spending time on our own together (he's one of three children) and we have started him in a sports club on a Saturday. I think it's partly down to a lack of confidence but seeing him so down breaks my heart. I have been thinking about approaching the doctors but am not sure if we are at that point yet. I'm interested in the advice others can give smile

sanquhar Sat 10-Jan-15 15:02:28

I think I will make an appointment to speak to his teacher, see if there is anything going on regarding bullying or his behaviour in class.

From gentle probing I've managed to find out that he gets told off because other boys make him laugh. So ill see if I can figure out if it's an over zealous teacher or if ds is acting up enough to deserve his telling off. He's a sensitive soul so perhaps he is taking a deserved telling off too much to heart, and if he is I need to figure out how to help him with that.

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