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9yo girl dysphoria ??i am nearly certain now even though was slated on here before for even thinking it!!

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suntansally Thu 18-Dec-14 16:59:09

I have thought for a while that our dd was struggling with some issues,not really her sexuality but certainly her gender,it has been since the age of 3 until now (she is 9) we are used to her and don't think much about it any more. And have always been supportive of anything she does.
I don't want to pigeon hole my child too early on of course but I am now wondering if she may need some external input ( mainly In case she worries about upsetting us and therefore not completely opening up) or would this approach make her feel like an it a conversation I could have?
She is very anxious and still wets the bed at night too we have a referral for this too.
She has always dressed as a boy,played with bits things,severely freaks out at the thought if wearing ANYTHING remotely girlie,even if it is kind of punky funky type clothing it's a firm NO.she plays all boys sports,always has done ( she may be put forward for gifted and talented in this area ) all but 2 or 3 of her friends are boys and this is where she is happy.does anyone have experience of this kind of thing,I really don't see it changing,when asked she says she likes it and often will call herself a boys name all day.i am more concerned about society's acceptance or should I say non- acceptance of this kind if thing especially where we are in a rural location heading in to high school......any advice welcome

londonista3 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:47:54

Hi, I don't have experience to help but wanted to say that when I did my teacher training, one of the lecturers really emphasised how common this can be. Have you tried asking your daughter's school if they can put you in touch with a specialist? You've probably already seen this info,
I wonder if the Beaumont organisation can offer any support?
Otherwise I hope a parent with experience will come along soon.

londonista3 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:59:41

There are some similar posts in LGBT children forum on here, under Talk- Being a Parent.

Goldmandra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:56:44

I have a DD who is very similar. She is 11. She also has AS but I don't think this is particularly relevant.

She hasn't worn girl's clothes since she was four and has shortened her name as that makes it a reasonably common boy's name. She prefers the company of boys although she doesn't join in boys' sports, probably she simply isn't interested in sports anyway.

She is struggling just now with puberty and also with the fact that she has been challenged when using the ladies' toilets a couple of times.

We've been supportive of her choices, although some others have not, and we will continue to be so. Although she has asked about medication to prevent puberty, she has never pushed this idea hard so we have not taken it any further.

She has started getting comments about how she should be carrying things for me when we're shopping, etc and her response has been to take anything heavy from me now to pre-empt this. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this but I understand why she is doing it.

She loves it when people mistake her for a boy, although they are often mortified when they realise.

suntansally Fri 19-Dec-14 07:23:49

Thank you for your responses yes maybe I will call an organisation,I just want to try and prevent her becoming too stressed about it all,shie is settled at the moment as she has been with the same peers for 2/3 years and some since birth it is just like you gold mandrake whe I begin to worry because of change of school and how cruel others can be.....

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