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DS friend coming to play, hopefully nicely.......

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Trifle Thu 15-Apr-04 12:25:25

I've invited a friend of ds (age 4) to come over tomorrow morning to play. This is the first time in 5 months that I have had any child over as the last time (different child) ds wouldnt play with him, kept snatching toys away, jumped on him etc etc, totally humiliating as the mother was there to witness it. Both boys seem to have got to the wrestling stage and I hope I can distract them with outdoor activities such as football etc and avoid too much violence. Last time I kept having to drag ds away and warn him to behave but to no avail. What can I do to try and ensure this visit isnt a total humiliation again?

Codswallop Thu 15-Apr-04 12:36:08

I would be wary he isnt vying for your attention

I have afriend who lets her son monopolise the whole pm and he need to be told to clear off an play.

Have some games/track set up upstairs whre they can puzzle things out for themselves and tell them if they play for 30 mins they can have a drink and a biscuit. set yourself up i goal and let them kick and then skulk off to do womthing telling htem you will be back in a minute and busy yourself elsewhere.

If your ds messes around I would call it time pretty quickly as the odds are the minute the boy goes he will be crying for him to return!

I find it easier whe the other Mum goes actually because you can be the boss then!

Codswallop Thu 15-Apr-04 12:39:08

Oh and warn the MUm in advance that you are trying to be firm so she is on board - let her tell your ds off if necessary (always works) and you be the good guy doing lots of positive parenting " arent you sharing nicely" stuff

Codswallop Thu 15-Apr-04 12:41:38

sorry - keep going to clean and things occur to me

If they both like playing track say and both want thomas get the other boy to bring his own rolling stock and paint the underneath of yours with nail varnish to identify it!

will go now!

majorstress Thu 15-Apr-04 12:41:55

don't worry he is a different child now. 5 months is a very long time.

Codswallop Fri 16-Apr-04 15:35:05

what happened?

Trifle Fri 16-Apr-04 16:26:38

All went smoothly, I think the other mother was more anxious than I was. Hopefully it wasn't a one off and we can make it a regular thing. Phew...

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