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10 weeks old and not sleeping well

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nikilavin Wed 08-Oct-14 07:52:52

Hi, can someone help me. Probably on the wrong thread. My 10 weeks old baby finds it difficult to sleep on his back. He is very gassy and been taking infacol. It helps bring out the gas but perhaps not entirely as he wakes up after being put down flat on his back after 20 minutes. Now he's on Gaviscon infant and it seems to have gotten worse although he's been using it for only 2 days now. Tried raising his cot bed and failed attempt as he still woke up immediately after being put down. He belch and starts kicking both his legs and end up crying. We both have not been sleeping well because of this. Bought a baby bean bag and it is short for him as he's a long baby. The only thing he sleeps in is his bouncer but that is not a proper back support or sleep place so I'm scared it'll hurt him. And if he's put on his tummy (supervised of course) Please can someone help me as nothing seems to work and we both are very tired sad

minipie Sat 11-Oct-14 23:01:10

A couple of suggestions - 1) try propping him on his side, using a rolled towel behind his back to keep him there. He may find it easier to get the wind out that way. 2) if he is breastfed, has he been checked for tongue tie?

nikilavin Tue 14-Oct-14 08:31:44

Hi minipie

Thank you for your suggestion.

I'm considering laying him on his side as per your suggestion. He is wearing boots and bar at the moment. Do you reckon it'd be alright and not hurt him being on his side?

Yes, he had tongue tie and had frenulotomy done but is still very gassy. Thought it has come back but was assured that it healed well.

GP has asked me to give him infacol and gaviscon infant at the same time. Hopefully this helps. Last night was horrible. He woke every hour :-( I have my mum now to help and i can nap to catch up but she's going back in a week and I'm afraid I might pass out someday.

Thank you

minipie Tue 14-Oct-14 12:59:21


I'm not sure about on the side with boots and bar - I can't see how it would work to be honest.

Is he on his back a lot in the day? I wonder if it might be lots of time in the bouncy chair (semi upright) or a sling if that works, during the day, so he can get the air up better in the day. Also lots of winding after feeds at night.

Tongue tie - was it an anterior or posterior that was cut? Is it possible they cut an anterior but missed a (harder to spot) posterior tie...?

Infacol might help a bit, gaviscon is pretty rubbish tbh and can make them constipated. GPs usually prescribe it if they think the baby might have reflux but aren't sure... If you think he does have reflux then it's worth going back to GP and asking for ranitidine, much more effective. The fact he is only happy upright does point to reflux as a possibility so that might be worth a try?

Stubbed Tue 14-Oct-14 14:50:54

Sounds like reflux. Definitely go to your gp. And get a referral if you can.

The meds that they provided made the world of difference to my dd and our whole family. The gp started us off with domperidone and ranitidine which helped a bit but the paed we saw increased the doses and the change was amazing.

We had 3 months of one of us holding her upright at night at all times. So sleeping in shifts, and the crying, it was horrendous.

At 8 months old we came off meds, she sleeps incredibly well and has done ever since.

Don't bother with tilting cot etc. in my experience it did nothing to help.

nikilavin Fri 31-Oct-14 19:50:11

He does sleep on his back and it was a posterior tongue tie. I usually pick him up at night when he's about to wake up and feed him. I'm bf so by the time we're done he's fast asleep so he doesn't burp :-(

GP did mention domperidon but thats last resort apprently if gaviscon and infacol doesn't work. The pharmacist swears by coiled. Is that any good? DS seem to be settling now and sleeps slightly better compared to when I posted this. How long does it take for them to outgrow this problem?


nikilavin Fri 31-Oct-14 19:51:05

Swears by colief *

Eminado Sat 01-Nov-14 07:22:59

Please try colief - made a huge difference for us.

nikilavin Sat 01-Nov-14 07:40:12

Thanks Eminado. GP keeps mentioning it is for lactose intolerant babies. I don't see what difference it makes whether or not DS is

Eminado Mon 03-Nov-14 21:03:13

It breaks down the lactose in milk, it's an enzyme.

I wouldn't say my dd was lactose intolerant per se with confidence (i am no scientist or dietician) but milk upset her tummy (ebf) and colief helped. That's all i've got grin.

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