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Potty training wobble - me not DS

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ninipops Mon 16-Jun-14 13:56:29

We've only been going a week and a half but it was prompted by DS (2.11) coming up the stairs one afternoon holding his full nappy going "Poo mummy"! Very hit and miss in that if I miss a reminder then pee hits the floor. Today he had two pee accidents at childcare (3hrs) but in the hour and a half that he has been home I have changed him 6 times. At the moment he is sitting in front of a film naked as he managed to soak his t-shirt with the last offering and I just can't be bothered finding more clothes to put on him.

Advice, support, criticism all welcome!!

odyssey2001 Mon 16-Jun-14 16:10:29

Take a step backwards and ask him if he is dry every 10 minutes. This worked for us. And get used to the accidents. He is a boy!

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