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Toys / Games for 6 Month +

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Poshers Wed 07-May-14 21:19:03


Can anyone suggest Toys / Games / Books for 6 Month old?

We do a lot of "real" stuff like looking at trees, walks, car rides, shops, garden centres, swimming, baby groups etc ... but he's a grump indoors! Will play on activity arch for about 10 - 15mins but not sure if he's too old/too bored for that now.

Thanks all!!grin

LindsayS79 Wed 07-May-14 21:55:45

Lots of safe household objects are great. My LO loves empty milk cartons! We also put dry pasta in a small empty water bottle as a rattle. She prefers this to an expensive one I bought!
Building blocks are good, as are stacking cups. All things you can get from a pound shop or early learning centre.

I take my LO to baby sensory and they showed us how easy it is to amuse babies with things you have in the house! Get a box and store things like exfoliating gloves, big sturdy plastic spoons, sponges etc. this can be a little 'treasure chest' to explore!
They also love those silver emergency blankets. They make that crinkly sound that babies love and they don't tear easily. Safe enough if supervised obviously.
Do you have any of the taggies or Lamaze toys? They can keep them amused for ages! Amazing how interesting a label on a toy can be lol!!

Poshers Wed 07-May-14 22:39:12

Gosh! Thank you smile we also do baby sensory & he loves the lights etc .. Great ideas! Thanks again, pound land here we come ... wooooo Hooo grin

LindsayS79 Thu 08-May-14 08:05:00

They have those silver blankets in pound land at the mo btw. Cat likes to play with it too!! grin

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