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2.5 year old happy in cot but should i move her to a bed?

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Sarahdesert Sat 29-Mar-14 12:18:46

is this the right age, she's no trouble in the cot?

ilovepowerhoop Sat 29-Mar-14 12:20:20

I'd wait until she outgrew it unless she is unhappy with it or starts needing to go to the toilet in the night as its easier to do that in a bed than in a cot

Sundaedelight Sat 29-Mar-14 12:20:58

Moved mine closer to 3 as she was so happy. Only moved her when she started to look uncomfy/bursting out!

RandomMess Sat 29-Mar-14 12:21:24

Leave them in the cot as long as possible!!! We eventually took the dropside off and then eventually moved them to a bed.

Sarahdesert Sat 29-Mar-14 12:26:26

lol just family influences poking their nose in giving advice about it. i was hoping to get at least another year out of it.

PigletUnrepentant Sat 29-Mar-14 12:32:19

I left him until three and faced a lot of criticism for it, but I think it was right, I couldn't see the point of hurrying up moving him into a bed when we really didn't need the cot for another baby and he was comfortable in it.

I took off one side of the cot when he started to climb out (at about 18 months) and moved him to a bed when he started falling off when moving in his sleep. The cot was still long enough for him but not wide enough :-)

kimberlina Sat 29-Mar-14 12:35:34

Mine was 3 just for convenience really as I had lots on my plate and she seemed quite happy. However after 2 days in a bed (with new Peppa pig duvet!) there would have been no going back to a cot - even if I wanted to.

Sounds like needless family interference to me in a subject that is of no conequence to them. She won't still be in a cot at 18!!!!

Meglet Sat 29-Mar-14 12:36:17

Leave her. Once they're out of the cot then the whole house is their oyster.

Mine were great sleepers until they moved to beds.

gamerchick Sat 29-Mar-14 12:37:06

I take the side off when they can climb over it and eventually move them to a bed. it's easier that way.

DurhamDurham Sat 29-Mar-14 12:40:45

Both my girls moved to beds when they were two, they got up a few times during the first week but after that no problem. They loved their beds as soon as they got them, they helped to choose their bedding ( an especially horrible bubble gum pink thing for my youngest ) which I think helped with the transition smile

addictedtosugar Sat 29-Mar-14 12:53:08

If she's not showing any signs of climbing out, whats the problem?
My two came out of the cot, and into a toddler bed the day they climbed out.
DS1 has had over half his cabin bed delivered. We are trying to work out when the last box is going to be delivered - promised last week, as there was going to be someone at home all week. Trouble is, were one piece short. Anyway, thats not of interest to you. DS1 is about to turn 5. He still fits in the toddler bed, and is just coming out of it now.

OuterFromOutersville Sat 29-Mar-14 13:24:49

DS never really tried to climb out of his cot, so we only moved him to a bed when he was 3.5 and didn't have a lot of room left. It worked really well for us.

MiaowTheCat Sat 29-Mar-14 15:41:28

DD1 moved at 17 months... only because she was a bloody tall (so could get a leg up easily) climber! No way through choice!

EatDessertFirst Sat 29-Mar-14 19:30:44

DD went into a bed at 18 months because we needed the cot for DS. The cot has just been relegated to the loft (no more babies, I just can't face throwing it away yet) and DS (3.5) now has a cabin bed as we needed more storage.

As long as your DD fits and you are happy I see no reason to change. X

Jaffakake Sat 29-Mar-14 21:07:52

Don't! I should've asked the exact same question before we did. 3 weeks of Supernanny bed time, returning it bed & lots of crying later the side went back on the cot at 8:10 one Saturday night so we could watch tv in peace without fear of him climbing up the bookcase in his room.

Ledkr Sat 29-Mar-14 21:13:19

My dd is still in her cot and she's 3.
It took nearly two years to get her to sleep at all so in certainly not upsetting the apple cart now.
She lives her cot, asks to go to bed and sleeps fantastically so we are all happy.

WillSingForCake Sun 30-Mar-14 14:54:58

My DD is 2.7 and is still in a cot-bed. She loves it & sleeps brilliantly. I did buy a toddler bed for her recently but she was so distressed by the thought of change, that I thought 'sod it' and have just left things be until she either asks to go into a bed or tries to climb out.

mrsstardust Sun 30-Mar-14 16:55:33

wait until she is as close to 4 as possible is my advice. if she is happy do not change anything that might upset her sleep patterns.

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