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Baby car seats - where do they go?

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moomin35 Thu 27-Mar-14 10:26:45

I am still unsure whether a baby in its car seat goes on the front passenger seat or on the rear seat. If on the rear seat whereabouts (behind driver, behind passenger or middle)? I don't have ISOFIX so will need to secure the seat in place with the seatbelt. Sorry first timer here....

Poledra Thu 27-Mar-14 10:40:44

As far as I know, back seat is best for a baby seat, and in the middle (so furthest away from any impact) is the safest. However, you need to make sure that your seat is safe fitted in the middle, as some cars' middle seats don't fit a baby seat properly. I used Britax seats, and there is a fit-checker on their website which shows which seats in your car are suitable for your car seat.

minipie Thu 27-Mar-14 10:49:31

Back seat definitely.

Usually behind passenger is easiest as a) driver can more easily look round to check on/reach baby (obv not when in motion) and b) it's easier to pull the passenger seat forward to make space for the baby seat.

You can only use middle seat if it has a proper 3 point seatbelt not a lap belt. Also if your middle seat is very small or not really flat (some middle seats are quite "domed" iyswim) then it may not be ideal.

Bear in mind that, if both parents are travelling, it's common for one parent to sit in the back with the baby when they are young, to keep them fed/watered/amused (I have even been known to breastfeed in this position grin). Depends how good a traveller your baby is!

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