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5 week old routine?

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Madallie Wed 19-Mar-14 20:33:37

Just wondered what other ol's general patterns/routines are? I know they are still so young so there's no rigid, set in stone routine but just wondered what other lo's are doing roughly with regards to how often they feed, how much if ff, how much awake time they have and how much they sleep day and night?

Would be grateful for any replies.

BotBotticelli Wed 19-Mar-14 20:44:51

I am pretty sure at 5wo my DS was having 6 or 7 bottles in 24 hours of 5-6oz each. He was a big hungry boy though and I just fed him on demand!

Wrt to routine, there wasn't really one this early: he would scream for a bottle every 3 hours. But sometimes it was 2 hours. Sometimes an hour and a half. Hard to predict or plan anything. Staying home was easier for the first few weeks. He would be awake here and there for half an hour or so usually after a feed, but usually slept in between each bottle too.

He had colic so spent most evenings crying! And then he would sleep quite well from 8pm ish until 1am ish and then all holy hell would break loose!! He was very unsettled after having a bottle in the middle of the night and me and DH were still taking it in two hour shifts to try to comfort him between 2-5am. Bad times!

In our house the first 3.5 months were just chaos!

It settled down pretty quickly after that though: in case it's reassuring to hear, my DS had stopped all night bottles by 4mo and was consistently sleeping through the night from 7.30pm until 5.30am by 6 months.

We didn't 'do' anything to make this happen...I have always just followed his cues for when he wanted feedig. And when he was tired. He just got there on his own.

I would say that by 4mknhe had also settled into a more regular, predictable pattern with his bottles too. Again: of his own doing. This made doing things, going to baby groups etc more easy and predictable (ie I was able to leave the house for the morning without having to take 2 bottles with me!).

Hang in there this crazy bit will be over soon!!

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