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Nightmare 2 year old. Help me discipline him.

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Onesieone Wed 19-Feb-14 09:43:54

My Ds4 is two in April. He's a bloody disaster. Doesn't sleep all night up approx 5-10 times a night every night. He has 1 nap daily around 10 am. Is up at 5:30 with out fail every morning!

His behaviour during the day is bloody awful. He fights with the other 3 and doesn't listen to a word I say. Doesn't heed "no" and has no boundaries. If I shout at him he laughs at me.

My other 3 children are all fine. All sleep all night and all well behaved. I wanted to introduce a naughty chair. Is that suitable do u think?

trumpfamily Wed 19-Feb-14 21:54:56

You need a break and a hug. Do you have family or a friend that would have him overnight or for a day so that you could get some rest? Once rested you'd be in a better position to deal with him. Big deep breath. Remember you've done this three times before and you're an expert, he's obviously very bright and is an even better expert in Mum! My Son used to watch the parenting programmes with me and absorbed all the ways to wind me up! I found the naughty step worked for him along with counting to five. He likes treats too so I'd put £1 of 1p in a jar and every time he was naughty I'd remove coins accordingly and on a Friday I'd buy him a little treat as a reward (a sweet, a magazine, etc.). Distraction is a good ploy too i.e. let's march to the bathroom, I bet you can't put all your toys away before the end of this song or put your shoes on. Sitting in on playschool gave some good pointers too as they have to control larger numbers of children and don't have the problems that we have, routine seems to be their key to success.

Onesieone Wed 19-Feb-14 22:07:42

Trump, I think you are right. My ds3 is Autistic and i do work with him to help with his speech and sensory problems, i can see now that DS4 is in need of more stimulation, obviously he gets play time with Mummy too but maybe he needs more. Tonight I ordered wet gear off Amazon and im going to take the two little ones out for walks daily see if that can tire him a little.
i have had a deep breath (and a glass of wine) and im reading Jo Frost to see how to stick ti the naughty chair. hoping to start in the morning. eeeeek

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