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2 year old seems to cry.a.lot

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findingherfeet Mon 10-Feb-14 13:40:52

I guess the answer to this might be, she's two, it'll pass. My DD isn't so bad with tantrums of the 'shouts/laying on floor/defiant' kind, she's a pretty well behaved and amicable, chatty little thing but my goodness, when we are out she seems to cry so much at the moment .

Tears are guaranteed if there's a toy sharing dispute, if someone has something she would like, if another child gets too close, all sorts of small things...and it works because other mums then tell their children to give her whatever it is she is winging for....her peers seem much more easy going with sharing or having something different (ie a different water cup)

Obviously, if there is a real problem I'm a nice comforting mum honest! But I do wish such small things wouldn't mean the end of the world so quickly!

Any advice? smile

deelite72 Mon 10-Feb-14 14:22:34

I know other parents might disagree, but in the short term, I learned that playgroups were damaging my mental health, going out to the shops turned into a Mount Everest expedition without any safety gear, and my nice amicable little girl became the child most talked about at play group. She is almost 4. Your daughter sounds so similar to my own. Not a tantrum thrower, very cooperative about holding hands, never ran off down the road into oblivion. My son was much more difficult. But my goodness, the toy sharing stage nearly threw me into psychosis! The strain of it all. I mellowed out on being too social during this phase. I found it too stressful for both of us. I know people will say,"But they need to learn social skills". They will get all of that for YEARS to come. Sometimes I think we mums feel this pressure to take our child out and interact constantly with other kids and the world around. It's a big, wild, ride. Take it slow. Some kids are just more highly strung than others. Both mine (now almost 12 and 4) are really easy-going, nice kids. They have their moments. But the sharing thing I never mastered. I was the one with the kids other mothers whispered about. I think they really do outgrow it on their own, especially if deep down, they're basically nice kids. It really is an age thing. Maybe try slowing down on the playgroups for a bit. It worked for me, but that's not the solution for everyone. Good luck. :-)

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