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Unhappy 8wk old baby during the day

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lisbapalea Sat 08-Feb-14 16:52:35

I am getting quite concerned about my 8wk old DD who now seems to be pretty much unsettled for most of her waking hours, after being totally chilled out for the first 5-6 weeks... Just wondered if anyone has any advice?

I increased her feeds this week as I thought she was just hungry so we now offer her 6oz at all feeds (she is eff and feeds approx 3hrly during the day) although she doesn't always take it all, so I don't think her increased appetite is constant. She doesn't vomit for most of her feeds, but will then go through a spate of doing large chuck-ups for a few feeds, and then going back to keeping it all in. She's pooing about once every 1-2 days and doesn't seem to be too uncomfortable with this, although she was suffering horribly with constipation a few weeks ago. She does tend to be quite farty though...

She's still sleeping well at nights (waking at 1am ish, and again at 5am ish), and settles fine on her back in her moses basket then, so she doesn't have typically 'refluxy' symptoms. But during the day her naps tend to be random, with her often waking, seemingly in pain, half way through. And when she is awake she is very miserable unless I am holding her upright, and even then that doesn't always calm her down. It was tending to be worse from about 4 - 6.30pm, which I was putting down as classic 'witching hour' behaviour, but the unhappiness and crying now seems to be at all waking times during the day.

We went through a really tough time with DD1 who was a constant vomiter and a very miserable baby during the daytime (but again, a good sleeper at night), but despite this, we were encouraged by HV's and GP's to just persist with the daytime difficulty, as it was a 'laundry problem' (their words) and nothing more. I promised myself that this time round if anything similar cropped up I would do something about it, and I am just feeling sad that we seem to be going down the same path.

I was never diagnosed with PND last time round, but in hindsight I think I did suffer with it, so again I am on high alert for any signs of anything similar. I am really weepy at the moment, but I think a lot of that is worry that I will feel as bad as I did last time, rather than actually feeling that bad now, if that makes any sense??

Anyone else got an unhappy baby during the day who knows what I am on about?

Any advice welcome!

Lozmatoz Sat 08-Feb-14 19:41:02

First of all, are there any PND groups locally you can join? Or anything similar where you can just go snd chat. Then at least you'll have a solid support network. Also, don't be afraid of pestering the GP or HV, that's what they're there for. You know your baby and if there's something wrong so try to be confident in yourself. Good luck. Xx

Poshers Sat 08-Feb-14 19:46:53

My baby has been miserable/grumpy from day 1! My Mum seems to think it's ok ... whilst I ... single & totally alone have the grumpiest baby on earth (I swear to god!) so although I don't have any advice per say, I can 100% sympathise ... grin

BocaDeTrucha Sun 09-Feb-14 17:51:11

Ds turned from dream baby to grumpy unsettled baby at around 5 weeks. Even my mum said she'd never known such an uncomfortable little baby sad. Couldn't find any rhyme or reason but it seemed down around 3 months and now he's a total dream, although his night sleeping has got worse.

Thundercrackers Sun 09-Feb-14 23:19:46

this sounds so obvious but are you winding her enough? my daughter was the same and gp told us to wind wind wind for at least 10 mins post feed. It was so boring but actually worked! Apologies if you've tried this already abd hope you feel better soonsmile

midlandsminx Mon 10-Feb-14 00:18:25

Sounds very similar to our little one. She has silent reflux so don't rule that out just yet just in case. Also if you are eff you may be over feeding her, 6oz is a fair bit each meal and if she has reflux sometimes they overeat because it makes it feel better, but in our little girl that made her bloated and windy and constipated etc trust your instincts I'd say, if you reckon there's something not right keep going back to gp

lisbapalea Mon 10-Feb-14 00:24:07

Thanks all! She's actually been loads better today and so have I.

Having said that she's just done a huge vom on me after guzzling her first night feed very greedily...

I think over feeding could very well be the issue. She's fast asleep and happy as anything post-puke, and didn't seem remotely distressed or fussy before hand, it was just like a very powerful burp that went too far and brought up some (quite a lot) excess, if that makes sense?! That's usually how her pukes happen actually - no complaining before, during or after.

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