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helping four year old deal with cheeky kids winding him up

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united4ever Tue 04-Feb-14 19:58:24

My 4 year old son has a couple of cheeky classmates who seem to like winding my son up. For example one loves to pull my sons hood and other things like this, sometimes hitting too. Nothing major i know and boys will be boys but when my son asks me what he should do. This is a question i would like to have a consistent answer to. I have said stuff like tell him to stop, tell the teacher and even stuff like stand up to him and body language like sticking his chest out and standing tall. Anyway, none of this advice has changed much. What would be a good thing to tell my son to help him deal with things like this?

we saw one of the boys on a saturday afternoon and he ran to my son who ran away and the lad started chasing my son. I got the impression that running away just makes it seem like a game of chase to the other lad and would only encourage him. So i told my son not to run away. She said: but he will get me. When i ask what he does if he gets you he said 'swing on my hood'

any advice how to help my son? I tell him to play with the nice children and tell him children are sometimes naughty and when i was at school there were boys like that in my class who i didnt like so i tried to stick with the good boys.

SayCheesePlease Tue 04-Feb-14 20:15:44

as they're 4, i'd think they think of it as a game, where their chasing and catching one another.

i'd speak to his teacher if i was concerned, and ask her to keep an eye on my little one, and get her perspective on how they are around one another.

in my dcs nursery, they were told to say 'stop it i dont ike it' in a loud voice so a teacher could come and/ or the children would stop

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