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Post holiday potty regression - advice please!

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MiaSparrow Sat 12-Oct-13 15:56:01

So DD's 2.8 and she had been dry for about three months.

She actually started having a couple of accidents while on holiday, but since we've been back at the beginning of the week she's had loads! (wees only).

Is this normal? I know they have these little regressions anyway, but it does seem to be linked to the holiday.

I wonder if we've confused her by letting her wee in the sea? We were on the beach for hours on end so there was no way of going back to the hotel for toilet breaks.

Also, while on holiday we left her with a babysitter for an hour and that's the first time she's ever been left with a stranger. She said she didn't like her and has been quite clingy since and for the first time she's saying things like "mummy will you come back?" which is breaking my heart. I don't know if that's linked.

Overall she had the time of her life but I think it's screwed her up a little bit and thrown her routine. She was very put out and super quiet when we got back and that's just not like her at all.

Anyway, what should I do now re the accidents? Any advice? I didn't really potty train her in the first place as she just did it herself so it's difficult to know how to encourage her not to wet herself.


fififrog Sat 12-Oct-13 20:44:08

Totally normal, in my v limited experience. Our holiday this year couldn't have come at a worse time, about 3-4 weeks after we were forced to stop the nappies by an incurable bout of nappy rash. She had a billion accidents on holiday and wet the bed loads too. Lucky for us a couple of days after coming back all seemed to settle down again. I just made sure she sat on the potty every hour and a half for a couple of days. Friend of mine whose boy is 3.5 and dry for a year said he wet the bed several times in the week after holiday. My DD who is 2.7 has just been thrown totally off course this week by a hideous cold. So frustrating - had finally thought we were getting there with the poo but now back to square one. Hope it gets better soon.

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