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Are your Children in Reception like this......

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anniebear Sun 04-Jun-06 10:35:13

My DD is 4, (won't be 5 till 31st Aug!!!) and is in Reception

She used to play lots at home. would go upstairs and play with her Fashion Polly's for ages! Also would sit and draw/write/glue lots

Since about Christmas she has hardly done this

Everything is "what can I do"? and the latest "I'm bored"!

Is driving me mad!!! lol

I was thinking it is maybe becasue she is at School full time and is being given things to do all day.

Anyone elses like this?

Spagblog Sun 04-Jun-06 10:51:18

DD is in full time school (4.5) and finds it hard to occupy herself.
Mind you she has always needed me to suggest stuff to do, I think she craves interaction

Pinotmum Sun 04-Jun-06 10:52:55

My dd is 5.7 yo and she always seems to be doing something. She has a younger brother so they do stuff which involves lots of arguing and she does lots of writing and sticking and wants to help me cook!! She does however want to do "new" things and things that she can't do iyswim so needs my help and I'm busy sometimes so we get the bored thing!! Recently dh has let her use his computer for cbeebies games and this has taken away some boredom. I think their heads are ahead of their physical abilities at this age and they get frustrated. For instance, I know dd would love to go up and down the road on her bike but she can't as she's too young imho and doesn't use the breaks very well so it dangerous. Does your dd have siblings?

Pinotmum Sun 04-Jun-06 10:53:54

Brakes not breaks

littlerach Sun 04-Jun-06 11:05:39

actaully, this half term id the first time DD1 has been like this.
Yesterdayshe drove me insane with her moaning that she was bored.
She plays on the laptop more now, on, which shw loves.

I think as well, she gets fed up with DD2 trying to play with her all the toime, as she is too little to play as DD1 would like her to.

anniebear Sun 04-Jun-06 16:00:03

she would go on C Beebies web site all day if I let her lol

She has a twin sister but she has special needs, so although they fight and argue loads and they do play but nothing like they 'should have' played if one hadn't been so ill

But her twin was ill at 8 months old so she has never know any different

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