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6 mth old eating like its going out of fashion and now refuses her day feeds!

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Doris25 Mon 24-Jun-13 19:56:20

My DD recently started nursery. She is 6mths 4 days. We decided to start weaning at 5 mth as she was demanding more milk and in the night having slept 10 hours through.

The nursery stated that she wants more food beyond the purée recipes I had been given her. We agreed to try her on their main menu I.e. everything such as cereal, fish, bread, yoghurt...etc and now she eats everything and no longer takes her mid morning and mid afternoon milk!

She was doing 8floz 7,11,3,6:30 pm. I am worried she is eating too much and will become a little piggy with weight I worrying over nothing and just be happy she has a healthy appetite?

Nevercan Mon 24-Jun-13 20:21:11

Don't worry it's good that she has given her day time milk without any drama grin

Doris25 Mon 24-Jun-13 20:48:24

Thanks...just worried she is eating too much so soon...but then if she wasn't so I would probably worry she isn't eating enough! smile

BotBotticelli Tue 25-Jun-13 16:36:56

I started weaning DS1 at 5 months for the same reason as you. He is now 6-and-a-half months old and has dramatically reduced his milk intake as he is having 3 meals a day, quite often with a bit of 'pudding' (ie fruit) after lunch and dinner too.

He still has a bottle mid morning and mid afternoon but often only takes 3oz or 4oz at these feeds (instead of 8oz as before). I think he is just having a little bit to quench his thirst. He also now only takes 6oz when he wakes up, and 6oz at bedtime - and does not feed through the night.

Given that before he was weaned he was having 8oz bottles at 7, 11, 3, 7 and 11, it has been a dramatic reduction which has been hard to get my head around so I know where you're coming from!

But in general he is having around 18-20oz FF per day, plus whole milk with a weetabix in the morning, so the HV said it is fine. I think it's easy to get hung up on what your baby should be having.....but in my limited experience, all the official guidelines in the world don't mean you can force milk down your baby.

AlohaMama Thu 27-Jun-13 07:02:38

I weaned DS at 6 months and he always ate way more than the 'usual' amount for a baby his age. He would eat huge portions, though still had a reasonable amount of milk. Now 2.2 he still eats way more than other kids his age (in fact more than my friends 5 yo) but he's not fat at all. He is 99%ile but that is for height as well as weight, and he's pretty slim to look at. I think at 6 months your dd will eat what she needs and not more.

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