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Testosterone at 3?

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JenniferEm Wed 01-May-13 14:50:31

My DS will be 3 in July and has become an increasing worry, I'm trying to see the fun side of having an energetic boy, most of the time, but worryingly, he is starting to come across as 'that little boy' no one wants to play with, and some children actually seems quite afraid of him. The problem is is that is gets so overly excited and is so eager to play with his peers, he gets in their space and can be very boisturous! He can crash Crazy Coupe cars and bikes into other children and often climbs on top of other children and wants to tickle fight and have rough play! All out of fun, in hysterics of laughter. The other children look terrified! But it doesn't seem to be a 'bad behaviour' issue, as he is doing it out of fun and wanting to be friends, or am I now 'that mother' who is defending her child even when he is clearly doing wrong! He is always so upset that he has made another child cry, saying at bedtime 'X Y Z was sad today, because I did, X Y Z to them'! So I know he has understood that his behaviour is at time to much for other children, and me! But it continues! Time out doesn't work and I hate being a shouty Mum! Is it testosterone! What do other parents do? I'm worried about him being alienated at Pre-School, he starts in September, and so worried that my lovely happy exuberant little boy will have no friends because he'll scare them all off!!!!!

CreatureRetorts Wed 01-May-13 20:27:52

Does he have rough play with his dad? You know, tickling, wrestling that sort of thing? It's supposed to be very good for boys and it should be a male that does it. Gives them a safe space to play and get energy out. Also does he get time out in the park? Running about etc?

Also teach him how to play with people. Show him what to do. I would also stop playgroups - I found ds outgrew them by 2.6 - one on one playdates or going to the park much more suited him.

LilRedWG Thu 02-May-13 10:08:40

As he clearly understands that he is upsetting other children I would tell him before the next outing that if he cannot play nicely whilst there you will be immediately going home - and follow through.

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