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3 year old party ideas?!

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Coffee1Sugar Sat 06-Apr-13 11:39:30

Is two hours in the garden ok with about 8 other nursery children? I presume their parents will stay? I work full time and my mum takes dd to nursery so I don't know the parents but dd has had a few invites to parties and she wants one. I only have a small house/garden though!

jenduck Sat 06-Apr-13 12:11:50

It really depends on how small your house/garden is. You need to bear in mind that if all come there will be 9 children & potentially 18 adults, some parents may also need to bring younger/older DC if they have no other childcare. Parents would definitely stay at this age.

Then for 3 year-olds I would just have some normal toys out & a few garden toys (slide, ride-ons etc) if you have them & if weather is good.

Games are not really necessary at this age but if you want to do some pass the parcel is good, and I found treasure hunt (hiding a toy figure of DS's & assigning one for each child to find) to be a good ice-breaker at the start. Biscuit decorating also went down well, most sat at the table for about 20 minutes to do this. Also, some music (maybe a Cbeebies or similar CD?) to dance to works well.

Coffee1Sugar Sat 06-Apr-13 12:36:44

Thanks. My gardens probably 40ft mainly lawn. Biscuit decorating sounds good and will have all garden toys/ball pit out and will do a spread of party food for kids and adults.

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