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DS asking funny questions about sex

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crunchybiscuits Wed 03-Apr-13 15:55:06

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, so hi! smile and sorry if I get this wrong.

I wanted to ask - my DS is 6 years old and has always been super curious about everything. He asks so many questions I sometimes can't keep up with them all, but I've always tried to answer them as best I can.

I'm really open with him when he asks questions about sex and I think he knows all the basics now (How he got into my tummy, what eggs and sperm are, what breasts are for, so on so on). But now he's starting to ask questions that just make me laugh! Like this one:

"Mummy, if you and Daddy put one of your eggs in an incubator, will a chicken come out of it?"

I think they've just had the chicken egg incubator at school and he's getting our 'eggs' confused! grin

So I wanted to ask - what are the most funny, interesting and strange questions your DC has ever asked about sex, and how did you respond? I'm trying to ready myself up for any more 'pop quizzes' I might get.

I hope this is ok!

SoHHKB Wed 03-Apr-13 15:59:45

Haha - I think the best I had was really quite simple. My dd (also 6 at the time) was asking how ds had got into my tummy and I had to go into quite a lot of detail about the penis going into the vagina during a special cuddle and she looked at me in horror and said...
'What? Naked!?!?!' shock
I don't think she could imagine cuddling anyone without her clothes on!

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