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What activities do you do with a 6mo?

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Aworryingtrend Wed 03-Apr-13 08:53:05

Ds is 6 months old next week which seems a huge milestone but it occurred to me that we are still playing much the same games as we were say 2 months ago. Soon a typical day at home we might:
sing nursery rhymes and do actions.
Look at books
Do tummy time (which ge still hates!)
Practice sitting up independently
Play with toys (me encouraging ds to pick them up,me talking about them and encouraging him to press buttons etc)
pulling faces and playing peekabo.

Now hes 6mo I feel maybe I should be doing something more than the above? Any ideas would be very welcome.

melonribena Wed 03-Apr-13 10:15:26

I do very similar things with my 8mth old! It sounds like you are doing brilliantly with him!

My ds also spends time playing on his own on the carpet with his toys and loves jumping in his jumperoo.

He sits in his high chair with some things to bash and watches me cook or sort the washing while I do a kind of running commentary.

He loves looking in the mirror, we pull lots of faces, he also loves standing on my knee and jumping!

If you look on the baby centre website there's loads of age appropriate game ideas that we've tried too!

sparklekitty Wed 03-Apr-13 15:35:22

I take mine out to baby groups most days, mainly coz I find we both get bored being stuck in all day. I've noticed that DD has just started enjoying the company of other babies, she loves watching them and playing next to them etc. She also seems to know if they're older than her (but quite a bit iyswim, one friend has a 12mo who she loves!)

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