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Fussy eating need help

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Kingyfam Wed 20-Feb-13 01:17:11

She is 2 in 3 weeks.

tazmo Tue 19-Feb-13 18:34:15

My dd is the same - but eats even less than yours! Took mine to dietician and he told me not to worry about it if developing normally and putting on weight. Helpful I know - but I'm hoping shell do what my son did which was to revert to,what she liked before this toddler stage. Not much help I know but have been told not to make a big deal of it! Your dd sounds like she is at least having all the food groups. Wish mine would eat cheese - but like yours, mine likes pancakes!!!

ZuleikaD Tue 19-Feb-13 17:54:50

How old is she?

Kingyfam Tue 19-Feb-13 14:48:33

Hi can anyone recommend any good books or have any advice then can give me for my extremely fussy eating dd. Dinner times are awful cant remember when she last ate something we made her apart from something I know she will definitely eat. I refuse to do this everyday though as i think will just make it worse. I have a 4 year old ds who was fussy but I'm sure it wasn't this bad. He is now much better so maybe time is the answer but this phase!!!! seems to be going on for ages. I know not to get stressed but this is sometimes hard, as what she eats one day she then won't eat the next time we make it. I get that maybe she doesn't have a big appetite and sometimes not hungry but this cant be all the time. I just so want her to try stuff. Her only constants are cereal, natural yogurt, most fruit, bread, cheese and a few others she dips in and out of like baked beans, pasta. I try not to give her snacks close to mealtimes and have tried making things like muffins etc with veggies in and trying to have fun but no luck really. She does however likes pancakes which we make most weekends with fruit in so i have tried these with veggies and she did eat them.

Getting her to sit at the table is also a nightmare. She mostly refuses and when I pick her up to bring her to the table I can feel a tantrum starting which is not a great start to a meal time (this is another issue altogether!!!). Tonight (I live in Singapore) I got her to sit at the table with a sticker book sitting on my knee to distract her a bit but she would not try her dinner. I didn't want a scene as my ds was happily eating his so I just let her play tried to feed her again but gave up. I'm not a mum that then cannot give her kids anything before bed so right or wrong she had some natural yoghurt and fruit and then her milk before bed. Anyway please help me make meal times happy and fun again at least some of the time.

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