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DS (5) being silly at school and nursery...... Need advice

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ToddlersRFab Thu 24-Jan-13 12:30:04

Thanks for the replies - sorry for my late reply.

We have been called back for a meeting tomorrow. He has had one good day this week and got all 4 stickers (only the 2nd time since it started) - which resulted in a special one from the head and even the office gave him an extra one, which he was absolutely thrilled about. He then got a treat from me and some extra ipad time, so I do feel he was rewarded.

He does seem to enjoy being the centre of attention, he is not shy and will seek people out to speak to. He likes to be first in the queue at school etc..... I'm not sure if it is part of his personality about seeking attention, but even if it is he needs to know when to listen and take direction from the staff at school.

He likes sweets, but if I suggest a piece of fruit instead, he normally agrees.

Any other suggestions welcome.

Dinkysmummy Tue 15-Jan-13 06:30:23

I have a nearly 5 year old who keeps messing about, not sitting down for carpet time, or nearly everytime. She is quite disruptive and can be a bit of a pickle. I took her to the doc and spoke to the schools medical/welfare officer. I think my dd has a lot of different reasons for being difficult behaviour wise but the knowing there are repercussions and yet still misbehaving rings a bell.
The school are trying more rewards more often to encourage good behaviour. It seems like an awful long time to try and get so few stickers. Do you reward him more if he gets all 4 stickers?
Our school has a cloud system if they are naughty they go on the stormy cloud if they are good they go on the sunshine and if they are really good they go on the rainbow. If dd gets on the rainbow, regardless of how long she spent on the cloud I get her some stickers or she can have a milkshake, or treat from the shop. Sometimes she's happy with a 20p toy from the machine outside of the shop.
Hope things improve for you x

Greenkit Tue 15-Jan-13 05:14:11

As a mother of a 14yr old DS, who has only just (Jan 12) been diagnosed with ADHD. I would pop along to the Dr's just for a check up. I was one of those mums who didnt believe in ADHD, but I couldnt do anything with ds.

He couldnt keep still, didnt seem to listen, would hum or tap, laugh when I told him off, didnt really care if I took things away from him, attention span of a nat, ate like a horse esp sweet things. I was at the end of my tether and so was the school 3 months till he was booted. The school refered him to a Dr and he now takes tablets once a day, not a very strong dose but enough to totally change our lives.

Now I know it maybe that he is just playing up, but its worth keeping in mind. We had 10 years of hell and now I have my boy back and he is so different.

ToddlersRFab Mon 14-Jan-13 20:07:07

DS started school in Sept. We were called into school in November to discuss his behaviour in class as it was starting to disrupt lessons. He wasn't doing anything awful just messing around when he sound have been sitting quietly at circle time time etc. We ( school, exH and I) all agreed that he would start a daily sticker chart ..... This does not seem to have worked. Today he did not receive any stickers and nursery said he was silly as well today..... He goes to after school club at nursery. And on Friday teacher said he was picking items off her desk and putting them in his pockets. She put this down to attention seeking.

So any wise words on what to do to improve this??? If he does not get at least 3 stickers ( out of a possible 4) then no computer games that night of any sort .. So he does realise that there are repercussions at home if he does not listen and do as he is told. He keeps saying that his head tells him to do something else and doesn't listen......

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