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Excessively windy baby, HELP!

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Mangotreepink Tue 11-Dec-12 06:42:43

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me? My baby (7.5 months) has reflux which seems to be getting a bit better ( I am no longer coverd in so much vomit!) but he seems to take absolute ages to settle after a feed, he seems to have bubbles and wind which can go on for a minimum of an hour (good feed) but usually two! This is making the night feed a completed nightmare. It makes me not want to feed him at night ( he gets up once for a feed) last night he woke at 1.30am and i eventually got him down by 4am. I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar and can suggest anything. He is bottle fed, I did breast feed for 5 months but found he settled better ona bottle? Sometimes he takes so long to settle that he often wants another small feed, which usually gets him off to sleep but because he has not winded he wakes up about an hour later because he is uncomfortable. Any suggestions and help would be great, I am now at the end of my tether!

nannytime Tue 11-Dec-12 16:10:12

You've probably heard some of these tips/products before so just ignore if you've tried them and haven't been effective!

Would for sure recommend Dr. Browns Bottles for feeding. They have a straw like attachment inside the bottle which is supposed to reduce the amount of air the baby takes in when feeding and therefore less wind etc. Some mums swear by them, but then again some say they make no difference! So worth a try at least.

It's not for everyone but going to a baby-massage class may help. It may give you a few techniques to reduce wind and generally calm baby. Will try to explain one here that I've found can help colic-y babies before and after feeds. Lie the baby on their back, facing up at you, feet towards you. Gently hold their ankles together and push up so their knees touch their chest. Do this slowly and gently , then rotate both knees together clockwise. You will hear (!) how much this relieves the baby of wind!

Have you tried Gripe Water or Colic Drops at all? These may help too with wind and settling the stomach.

What do you currently do when settling him to sleep? Rock him or rub his back or something? Maybe changing position would help?

Hope this helps a little bit, good luck with today's feeds and sleeps! xx

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