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Toddler wakes for chat and play!

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mustbewinetime Sat 17-Nov-12 13:46:15

My 2yo DD has always been great at going to sleep. We've had the same bedtime routine since she was 10wo: milk, bath, bedtime story and cuddle then put down in her cot awake and she settles herself either straightaway or within a few minutes anyway. The occassional night she will sleep all night but most nights she wakes up, not upset but just chatting to herself or shouting and pedalling her legs against the cot bars which can get a bit noisy (neighbours thankfully still on speaking terms with us ) She can be awake for anything up to 3 hours before going back to sleep. She very rarely naps now, although i do still put her to bed every day for a while but again she just chats away to herself again. Anyone else's DC's do this? If so, did they just grow out of it and at what age? Thanks 

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