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13 month old violent!

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Fifi2406 Mon 29-Oct-12 17:27:04

My son has started punching and scratching if you don't do what he wants usually when it comes to snack time or if he is in his push chair longer than 3 mins he will scream and scream and scream until he is almost making himself sick if you get him out he will then punch you! Also happens at night time he goes to bed kicking you and will launch anything available usually a dummy at your face! I've tried just saying no firmly and he shakes his head and carries on! Anyone got any tips?? Today I was on the bus and he screamed and screamed and screamed and I got him out so he could look out the window but he just wanted to scratch my eyes out!! I was pretty mortifified when a man came over 2 hours later and said he's still screaming then! Up until he turnt 1 he was literally an angel but the last month he has been ill and is now a devil child!!!

roz1982 Mon 29-Oct-12 17:44:04

Hi fifi how long was he ill for and what was wrong with him? I have an 11 month old ds and he does display some of this behaviour sometimes especially if he is out of sorts or tired/hungry. Yours does sound a bit more extreme though! I don't think it's anything to worry about but must be a bit embarrassing! Maybe you could try saying no firmly and putting him down/walking away from him and when he is being nice show lots of affection/appreciation? The high chair thing is a bit of a bugger thiugh isn't it?? I have to give ds finger foods to eat/play with while he is in his high chair even if I am feeding him off a spoon otherwise he just won't have it!!

midseasonsale Tue 30-Oct-12 20:24:03

Just walk off if he is violent in your house or friends house. Leave the room or garden. As long as it is safe. Calmly and firmly say 'no hitting' then leave for a minute

Is there any chance you could take him out of his buggy before he starts crying? Also can you try distraction on the bus. Food, simple books, opening packages, little toys (cars, flashing things) and lots of praise for good behavior. At the table can you sit with him and chat?

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