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Biting at nursery...any advice?

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ladypop Wed 17-Oct-12 22:10:57

Our 2.9 yr old DS has been attending the same nursery since he was 6 months old. He goes 3 days a week and generally seems to enjoy himself. For the last 12 months he has had the occasional issues with biting other children, but nothing too often and it actually settled down about 6 months ago. He moved to the next room up in September. At first he seemed to settle in well and was proud of being in the 'new' or 'big' room.

However, he has started biting again recently and last week he had a terrible day - biting 4 times within the one day. The one incident was on the face of another child! I think it was a one off as he was not 100% that week and was very tired due to lack of daytime naps for one reason or another.

Anyway, his key worker has asked us to have a meeting with them to discuss the problem as it needs addressing - which I agreee.

He bit twice again today and they said both times were unprovoked.

We are meeting with his key worker tomorrow.

Since last week we have said (in addition to talking to him about why biting is not right and that it hurts people and makes them sad/upset etc) that he cannot watch Mr Tumble if he bites...this is ihs absolute favourite programme that he watches each day so he really gets upset if he knows he cannot watch it! He makes the connection between why he can or can't watch it and the biting, so I know he understands what we are telling him.

I feel he is either anxious or stressed at times at nursery and this is why it is happening as a way of release for these feelings - maybe the new rooms novelty has worn off and he feels a bit overwhelmed by it all.......? it is a busier room and actually a bit smaller.

I am hoping the nursery staff may have some suggestions as well. It just makes us feel awful for the other children and that the staff are going to start to dislike him being there.

I have to say (and this is not just because I am his mom!) that other than the biting he is a very sociable, caring and loving child.

I know it is probably a phase that he will move on from, but in the mean time we need a way of dealing with it and trying to help him and I feel a bit helpless!!

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