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3 year old telling lies

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Eggs Thu 11-Oct-12 12:52:45

my dd is 3 and is constantly telling lies, not totally make believe ones, like there was a real lion at nursery today, just more devious ones, mainly to avoid getting into trouble. I have been told that it is a sign of intelligence as it shows that she knows that the truth will get her into trouble, however I would prefer if she just told the truth the first time. Anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this? I have done all the usual…it makes mummy sad that you cannot tell me the truth etc and I have done the ridiculous, like if you tell a lie your tongue goes black! Her answer to this is that she will clean it with her toothbrush. Any suggestions?

gaby274 Thu 11-Oct-12 13:02:40

Hi i have daughter who is 3 aswell holly. Since she could walk and talk she has told lies. She is really clever she reads well and is starting to write and like yourself it show intelligence. She has made lies when her scooter got broken she blamed it on a group of teenage lads which i went off it but then got told by a neighbour she threw it on the floor as a tantrum when she was on for piggy in the middle. Im a peadriactric nurse and see many children have tantrums and lie as children are self center only see the world from there own eyes. Suvival instinct to save there own skin. Its not until 8-9 years when the abstract think and see the world from others. Role playing games dressing up and imagination build up the picture of different people. I know it hard i have 13 year old hannah 6 year old grace and holly and im due in january for another one

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