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Daytime napping and where

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flapjackaddict Mon 01-Oct-12 16:39:02

Hi. I am a first time mom and my little boy is 11 weeks. I just wanted some advice on day time naps and where it should be.

I am trying to get a lunch time nap become a habit but he doesn't sleep more than 30 mins. I have GF although not following wanted to use her nap times as a guide but didn't know if all babies are able to sleep 12-2 if you persevere (if so how long) or do some babies have short naps during lunch? Would be amazing to get some long stretch in the day of sleep so I can teach private lessons and then know I have a 2 hour slot each day free. Is it possible to train your baby to sleep from 12-2 or do u think my son just doesn't want to sleep this long as I have tried for almost 2 weeks and average 30-60 mins between 12.30 and 2pm.

Also - sorry. If I let him sleep near me in his pram or bouncy chair is this such a big deal? He used to nap so well in these the I forced the crib on him and he just doesn't always fall asleep so easily there. I am also close by to soothe him, put dummy in etc if he naps near me. What are the future implications if I don't make him have his naps upstairs in his crib? He has no problem falling asleep at night in his crib.

My baby is EBF if this makes a difference. He doesn't sleep a lot day time at all either. Will get 3 naps. The most consistent nap is his morning nap of 30-40 mins lunch ad afternoon naps are when he fancies it.

Advice and experience on how much napping and when and where would be great to read. Am I letting myself in for some difficult situations if I start to let him nap in pram and baby rocking chair?

I find these forums really helpful so thank you to everyone who takes time to reply.

LittleBearPad Mon 01-Oct-12 20:19:06

My DD naps in her Moses basket when we're at home and her pram when we're out and about. I tend to go with the flow during the day but she will tend to nap for about 30/40 mins in the morning and afternoon and about an hour, maybe more, at lunchtime. I don't make sure we're anywhere specific as I want her to be able to sleep anywhere.

I think it's fine for naps to be in a pram or bouncing chair. Sids advice recommendeds that babies naps as well as nightime sleeps are in the same room as their parents. So given he sleeps better when with you this seems a good reason not to use the crib.

I worried about some kind of napping routine but going with the flow suits us at the moment. The only rule seems to be that she wants a nap when she's been awake about 2 hours and at the first signs of yawns / eye rubbing I put her down. It works (some of the time!)

Iggly Mon 01-Oct-12 20:24:06

Well I suggest you put the book away in the bin or revisit it when baby is older. At 11 weeks, make sure they get naps when tired. I found ds and dd would need a sleep after being awake 45-90 mins at that age (up to two hours of awake time at the end of the day). If your ds sleeps better in the chair or pram then let him.

By 4 months, dd settled into a routine of 3 naps a day. Most were in the sling or pushchair. (I have a toddler so was out a lot). By 5 months I started putting her in her cot for her first morning nap. I'd put her down asleep and she started doing longer stretches of 2 hours. So you could try that when he's older and more in a routine?

Now dd can nap in her cot for 2 hours after lunch no problem. I didn't have to force anything, she just likes it!

BigWhoop Mon 01-Oct-12 20:28:36

My dd would only sleep for 30/40 minutes at a time right up until she was around 10-11 months old when it increased to an hour. It is now even longer (she's 15mo), and just the one nap (it's lovely!).
She naps in her pram in the dining room - its super handy as I rock her to sleep in the day, and I'd we're out on a walk she'll sleep, and can rock her in cafes etc too so wherever I am I can sort her if tired.
At 11 weeks just go with the flow, I've discovered you can't make them do anything!

suburbandweller Tue 02-Oct-12 09:21:41

I think you're probably expecting a little too much in the way of daytime naps at the moment - 11 weeks is still very young. My DS was still having 30 mins nap every 1.5 hours at that age - he only started having longer naps from about 6 months (when it gradually increased to 2-3 hours at a time - heaven!). That's despite him starting to sleep through the night from around 10 weeks.

If you are happy with naps being in places other than the crib, just go with it. You might find it makes your DS more flexible if he is used to sleeping in places other than his bed - which can be very handy if you don't want to be tied to the house as his naps get longer.

flapjackaddict Tue 02-Oct-12 13:48:21

Thank you everyone for the advice. From today I'm letting him sleep wherever he is like he used too and for as little as 30 mins.

blushingmare Tue 02-Oct-12 18:35:02

My dd will only nap for 30 mins max in her crib during the day. But I have got into the "routine" of putting her in the stretchy wrap sling at 12:30 and she will then sleep for 2-3 hours - I often have to wake her up! She's in a much better mood at bedtime when she's had this long sleep in the day and I don't find it robs her night time sleep at all although neither has it helped her sleep through the night! I guess I hope when she's a bit older she'll start doing longer stretches in her crib, although no idea how this happens!

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