very worried - One year old rolling eyes

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fizz14 Sat 29-Nov-03 16:36:43

My dd was a year old two weeks ago and over the last two weeks has starting rolling her eyes back her head. She always seems to frown first then all you see is the white of her eyes for just a second then she's fine. It happens once or twice a day that I've noticed. I've even cut her fringe short because I thought it might be getting in her way when she was frowning and she was trying to look at it! but that hasn't helped. Am seeing my HV next week for a routine check so will mention it then but in the meantime has anyone else experienced this, did it go away or what did it turn into? Any advice appreciated

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aloha Sat 29-Nov-03 19:08:27

I don't know about this but as you are clearly worried thought I'd bring this back into active conversations.

ScummyMummy Sat 29-Nov-03 19:45:52

I'm not sure what this could be- probably nothing- but since she's so wee and can't tell you what she's up to I'd definitely take a trip to the GP to get it checked out, I think, if only because you sound worried, as aloha says. Good luck.

SenoraPostrophe Sat 29-Nov-03 19:47:39

Yes, my dd went through a phase of this.
It has just about finished now - it lasted about a month and she is 18 months.

I put it down to her just wanting to experiment with her facial muscles in the same way that she pulls her feet about etc.

However rolling eyes signify mild epileptic fits so definately ask your HV about it. Does she seem to be doing it on purpose? (my dd did - her nursery nurse took it to mean that she didn't understand, while I took it to mean she didn't want to hear).

SenoraPostrophe Sat 29-Nov-03 19:51:20

don't mean to be overly alarmist - the last para should read "rolling eyes can also signify..."

bobthebaby Sat 29-Nov-03 20:56:45

I was going to ask this today, but thought I'd put it here as it sounds similar. My 9 month old has started to sort of unfocus his eyes and roll his head around when sat up, his eyes do disapear briefly (not completely obviously, you get to see the whites). I think he could just be testing his balance, I tried it and it felt kind of nice so maybe he's just seeing what he can do. What do you think?

Jimjams Sat 29-Nov-03 21:16:51

Probably checking it out bob as you say.

When babies roll their eyes before as they go into a seizure they would usually be unconcious for a while afterwards. Some seizures aren't very obvious, but the ones that go with eye rolling usually are!

WideWebWitch Sat 29-Nov-03 21:55:31

Do go and get it checked if you're worried but my ds used to do this when he was very small (under 1 yr I'd say - even under 6mos I think) before he went to sleep. It was sort of as he was fighting it and they'd roll back completely so you could only see the whites. He'd then usually drop off to sleep, but not always. Could this be it? I sort of think there would probably be some other symptoms as well if it was anything to worry about so I'd try not to worry and just mention it at the next check up or call your HV on Monday.

Davros Sun 30-Nov-03 10:02:36

Ask the HV if you're seeing her anyway but I wouldn't hesitate to also make an appt with the GP (have you read the HV threads on MN?!!) Please don't just take the HV's word

fizz14 Sun 30-Nov-03 11:56:19

Thanks for all your comments. I have tried today to distract her as soon as she starts frowning and it works - she doesn't then roll her eyes. Which says to me that she obviously has some control over it and is maybe just testing her muscles. I'm still going to mention it to the HV anyway.

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Jimjams Sun 30-Nov-03 12:47:08

Aagh my ds1 rolled his eyes in the swimming pool today (back to the whites). Really panicked me- I was screaming for dh- I think it was because he had water up his nose.

fizz14 Sun 30-Nov-03 20:10:30

More thoughts - after watching dd all day today I'm beginning to think shes trying to look at her eyebrows! She has very dark bushy eyebrows for a one year old and I think now that she can frown they're coming into her vision and she's then trying to look up to see what they are. At least thats my theory for the moment. I'm not so worried now.

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bobthebaby Wed 24-Dec-03 03:13:28

My dad has gone back to the UK and the eyerolling has stopped. Think that he could have been impersonating Grandad shaking his head about an inch from his eyes. Cheers Dad!

SarahLewis18 Sun 19-Jan-20 17:52:17

Just wondering if there is any update on your little one, @fizz14, as my little boy has just started doing this and it's really worrying me. He's 12 months old and I'm seeing it happen 5 or 6 times a day, usually when he's in a highchair

RB82 Sat 11-Apr-20 14:29:02

Hi @SarahLewis18 I’ve noticed that too, especially when in the high chair. Thinking of calling the gp although i do t think they’ll look at us right now. Did you speak to anyone?

RosBee Fri 24-Apr-20 09:01:27

@SarahLewis18 and @RB82 I also have a 13 month old doing this. He has just left hospital after a nasty virus and fever that he had to battle off with hospital support, I'm worried it's neurological. I did ask the doctor on discharge and he said normally if it was a seizure it would be that the child is unconscious or unresponsive/confused afterwards which my son isnt. It's still scary to see and I'll be asking again today as they want him to comeback for another check after a night at home. X

RosBee Fri 24-Apr-20 09:03:46

Have either of you gone any further with a GP or anything who has also put your mind at rest? I must admit I find it all still a little unnerving. @SarahLewis18 @RB82

Madds358 Mon 28-Dec-20 06:48:18

Hi I’m new to mumsnet but come across this post as I’m going through the same with my son 14months we have a hospital rapid access appointment as he’s doing this where he randomly rolls his eyes up for a brief few seconds and zones out really scary! I’ve found a pattern which seems it happens when he’s in his high chair or car seat but not always it can be whilst he’s playing he’s also started just randomly laying on the floor for a few seconds then continues playing

AT20 Thu 21-Jan-21 07:45:01

@Madds358 my son is just over 10 months and is doing the exact same thing. It started about a month ago. He does the eye roll upwards just for a second or two, zones out, then he continues what he was doing. I’ve noticed it can happen at any time but high chair is definitely a pattern and like you mentioned occasionally he will just stop playing, lay his head on the floor for a few seconds and carry on. I took him for an EEG which come back normal, he will be reviewed again in 2 months but the consultant said try not to worry for now but it’s unexplained. My concern is that it’s definitely involuntary and he sometimes frowns/blinks/ rubs his eyes before they happen like he knows they are coming. Did you get any answers?

Emmm1324 Mon 01-Feb-21 21:29:17

Has anyone had any luck getting answers? @madds358 your story is incredibly similar to mine. My son started doing exactly that at 10 months too and we still don't have an answer and he is 18 months now. The neurologist said they might be partial frontal lobe seizures, or stereotypic movements (ie nothing serious). He has had 3 normal EEGs (no eye rolls captured!) and is about to have some awful invasive eye test. We changed his diet at 14 months and they ceased for 4 months, but seem to have come back when we was cutting a molar a few weeks ago.

He also has started to lose control over one eye (either eye at random) and it moves to the centre of his nose for a few seconds and it corrects itself. The other eye stays centred. Anyone experience this too?

Also, would anyone mind sharing how their bub with eye rolls is doing development wise? My son has very poor balance and is being assessed for global development delay in a few weeks sad. I'm trying to work out if it is a coincidence or if it is related...

Emmm1324 Mon 01-Feb-21 21:33:53

@AT20 not Madds!

AT20 Mon 01-Feb-21 23:32:14

@Emmm1324 I’m afraid I don’t have more answers, my post was only from a couple of weeks ago. The consultant told me not to worry (which obviously I am) and if it continues he will review my son in a couple of months. My sons EEG was normal but he didn’t eye roll at the time so it might not have captured it. I feel the same as you in that I just want an answer as to what’s causing it. I haven’t seen him move an eye to the centre of his nose before he just rolls them up for a second or two sometimes as a one off or sometimes does two or three in a row. Development wise it’s hard to tell where he’s only 10 months and not walking yet but so far I’m not concerned. He uses both hands whilst feeding and playing, coordination seems fine and he crawls but does drag his back legs but that could just be his crawl. He’s started to stand holding on to things but doesn’t pull himself up on his own or balance yet. Please let me know if you find anything out.

Emmm1324 Wed 03-Feb-21 11:20:57

@AT20 your little one's development sounds great! I'm so glad- he is light years ahead of my son when he was that age. I'm sorry you haven't had any answers either. We saw his paediatrician again today and the Dr felt the eye rolls were "in the realm of normal" even though its been happening periodically for 8 months now. He believes they are possibly a habit (but I don't believe they are voluntary). And the ophthalmologist will do a rather horrible eye exam in a few weeks to check the eye balls, sight and nerves. I'll post again after that and let you know if we have any progress.

CTJ20 Sat 13-Feb-21 16:55:52

@Madds358 @AT20 @Emmm1324. Just reading through this and the symptoms sound so similar to what our 18 month old boy is experiencing now. He is rolling his eyes, sometimes rubbing them and doing the lying on the floor thing, sometimes stopping playing to do it (although he looks quite settled when he's doing this). vacant stares sometimes. G.P referred us to the paediatricians at the local hospital and I managed to get the eye roll on phone vid while we were waiting to be seen. It's very worrying we've had knots in our stomach with this. We've been told its a tic or development phase but nothing to worry about but we're not sure. Would appreciate anyone replying if you find out more and we'll do the same.

CTJ20 Sat 13-Feb-21 16:59:11

Side note - its funny how all of a sudden there's a few of our children all experiencing almost identical symptoms during a pandemic when the new strain can effect the eyes (we all had the virus back in Feb 2020) just to share.

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