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My neice will not sit still ever!!

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jojomama27 Sun 23-Oct-11 14:09:30

My neice is 15mths old and is very active. She hates being restrained at all but when she's 'loose' she has no fear at all. We've always encouraged her to be active so am not worried about this, but it is now making bath time a real struggle for my sister. Sister has an open would in her belly still from complications with the caesarean she had to have neice so she has to be careful about bending lifting etc.

Neice has been in a bathseat until last week because she just flails and stomps and splashes around constantly (falling about and going under and everything), but now no longer fits in the seat and sister is experiancing alot of pain when trying bathe her. The main problem is washing her hair as she just won't sit still and it hurts my sister to keep grabbing for her!

Has anyone got any ideas that might help? We've tried distracting her but nothing works!

An0therName Sun 23-Oct-11 14:13:22

Sound like afairly typical 15 mo - I would suggest not giving her a bath every day - just a wash the other days - and is there anyone else who could do baths for your sister as it sound like even with the most placid toddler it would still be pretty tricky -

Catsdontcare Sun 23-Oct-11 14:13:37

Stand her in the bath and use a shower hose. Or fill the sink and pour water over her with a jug. She's only little it won't hurt if she only has aproper wash once a week and the rest of the time a quick flannel down is fine

Blackpuddingbertha Sun 23-Oct-11 20:50:04

Mine were never still at that age, in fact, they still aren't. See if your sister can find an extra long bath mat (if not then stick down two) - that will reduce the slipping and sliding effect. Then keep the water to a minimum to reduce the risk of going under (around 4 inches is enough but bathroom does need to be fairly warm). Hair at that age only needs a proper wash about once a week. Other times just throw some water at her head sprinkle some water around to rinse out any sticky bits and food lumps. Then your niece can be wriggly and fidgety in a much safer environment and your sister can supervise rather than have to restrain! Worked for us smile.

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