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mild Cerebral Palsy - need positive stories please

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Sleepstarved Thu 13-Oct-11 07:42:47

My DD, almost 8 months, has just been diagnosed with mild CP, probably as a result of birth trauma.
Doc says it is only affecting her upper body and arms (she holds her hands at shoulder height when tired ect).
Its been quite upsetting to hear the CP word and I am really frightened about what it will mean for her as she grows up.
Doc says she might need extra help writing, holding cutlery ect.
She has had a couple of sessions of physio and this will probably continue throughout her childhood now.
I hate the idea of her being 'in the system' and already marked out as different.

Florin Thu 13-Oct-11 07:58:36

My twin sister has mild cp. She has a good degree and now earns a fortune in an important job in London. she has never let it hold her back it just makes her more determined. She has managed to compete in sailing at international level and done well in both scuba diving and windsurfing. She gets on with life pretty normally. The only difference is she walks slightly differently but nothing awful and she gets tired and sore if she has to walk a long way (but copes with normal life fine). I hope this helps I know every person with it has very different levels of it and needs different level of support but it's very possible for her live a perfectly normal and successful life

Davsmum Thu 13-Oct-11 10:27:18

My daughter has mild CP - mainly affecting one leg/foot. I was told she would probably never be able to run and may have difficulty walking. I was a bit in denial at the time but I was not offered any physio or anything at all !
I forgot all about it because I did not notice it affecting her much at all until she was 12 and had to do cross country running at school. She really struggled.
All in all it has not been a big problem - but I think its good that you are getting physio - and stick with it because it will improve your DDs condition.

Firsttimer7259 Thu 13-Oct-11 10:35:25

I know adjusting is hard, but it really is good that she's 'in the system' because it means she will be getting the input she needs and this will increase her abilities. Physio has made a huge difference to my daughter

Being in 'the system' early is GOOD!!!
My son had physio, then boots, then splints (as legs affected) from an early age, then as he got older, input from the Occupational Therapist for upper body stuff...and he has been finesmile
at 8 months the brain has loads of time to 'rewire' so that the damage can be compensated for to a degree, so please be positive.
I never thought my son would walk or talk.. he does both and never shuts up grin
But ((hugs)) (yeah I know, un MN-tty) because it's horrible to be told your child is different in any way, but son is 14 now..yes he is different (also has learning difficulties and aspergers) but he has a fab life!

Sleepstarved Fri 14-Oct-11 09:52:00

Thank you everyone, this has really helped.
It is so hard to hear the CP word. She is not a typical case and our physio is not convinced by the diagnosis so we may seek a second opinion.
Its just the labelling of such a small baby that I hate.
thank you again

Pfriend Fri 14-Oct-11 09:58:44

I had a good friend with CP at Cambridge university. He was doing his PhD there. He also ran a successful disability consultancy company. And had a wicked sense of humour. Great bloke.

hildathebuilder Fri 14-Oct-11 10:03:24

Hi, do come over to the SEN board there are a few of us with children with CP over there.

My DS was diagnosed in February at 11 months (corrected) with mild cp. TBH it took me until about August to be convinced that they were right, despite the fact they were sure (apart from the physio who is now sure). There are lots of things you can do, and while it makes things more interesting, it is fine mostly. In the last few months I have met several people including an academic, a lawyer and a doctor with CP, and many many children with it all of whom with mild cp are doing well.

However on the bad days it still takes some time to come to terms with, and to accept your path is not what you thought it might be. As I said do pop ove rto SEN if you want to chat or offload

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