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car dilemma

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jess247 Fri 26-Aug-11 18:44:47

Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of a nightmare at the moment, with my 2 year old. Every time it's time to go in the car, I have a nightmare with her wanting to get in the car seat herself. Which is great because of independence but at the same time it's a nightmare because the seat it too high for her to get in by herself. Can anyone help, please with some suggestions.
Thank you Sally

FlamingoBingo Sat 27-Aug-11 09:53:30

Um...can't you just let her try until she needs to ask for help?

Playingwithbuses Sat 27-Aug-11 10:02:36

Sorry when it comes to car seats Mum is boss and you just get told, lifted in then strapped in, no pissing about, sorry that sounds harsh, but to me its like crossing the road, I wouldn't let a toddler cross herself cos she wanted to, we just always made things like that non negotiable, once you start letting them have options and choices when it comes to stuff like that you might find yourself piddling about for ages everytime you go in the car and as they get older it will get worse.

FlamingoBingo Sat 27-Aug-11 12:33:23

What?! All she wants to do is to climb in the car seat herself! What on earth is wrong with that? It's only a problem if you're in a hurry, otherwise it's hardly dangerous for a child to climb into her car seat on her own.

jess247 Sat 27-Aug-11 19:42:54

It's not a problem, with her getting in her seat. The problem is the seat is to high! I understand this is an independent stage she's going through. I was looking more for solutions and if anyone had any tips.

thisisyesterday Sat 27-Aug-11 19:44:29

if you can help her up onto the seat of the car can she climb into her car seat by herself?

if not, and she is a help-refuser then to be hoenst i would just take her and strap her in.

FlamingoBingo Sun 28-Aug-11 10:06:51

But surely, if you can allow the time for her to learn how to do it, she'll either learn it, or ask for help eventually?

Sorry, but the only solution, unless you want to force her to stop trying to learn new things, is to give it time. If you're in a hurry, of course you have to say no, but why would you want to if you've got more time.

Just leave earlier to allow her time to do it?

Playingwithbuses Tue 30-Aug-11 01:41:04

maybe one of those wee step things in the footwell then if thats all it is, Ikea do a wee one.

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