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DD 7.5 months desperately clingy after accident - please help!

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everybodysang Mon 15-Aug-11 14:49:00

DP was changing (7.5 months) DD's nappy on Saturday morning. He left her on the changing table while he got a nappy the bloody idiot and she fell off. Cue a trip to hospital as she was screaming in pain and shock. Nothing broken but she's bruised and they said she might have a mild concussion. She was really subdued for the rest of the day, unsurprisingly wanting lots of cuddles and comfort.

We were advised to wake her twice in the night to check she was ok. It took hours to get her down - she's usually not too bad, a bit up and down but 45 minutes maximum most days. We didn't have to wake her up in the night because she kept waking up. We were told to keep her dosed up on alternative doses of Calpol and baby ibuprofen, which certainly seemed to help the pain but she was just so distressed. At 3am she woke up howling and was up till 5.30. She did then sleep till 8.30 instead of her usual 6.30, so we were relieved.

She seemed a lot cheerier yesterday and we went out for the day. She had a couple of good naps in the car and apart from being very anxious to see where we were all the time, she was great. Bedtime was a nightmare again though, it took 2 hours to get her down. Then she woke up just before 1, and was up till 5.15, screaming every time she was put in the cot and really working herself into a frenzy if we didn't pick her up. And then woke up at her usual 6.30. I'm at work (I work from home, DP is SAHD) and totally shattered. DP is away tonight, though back in time for me to start work in the morning, and I'm pretty worried about what the night is going to be like. She also hasn't had a nap at all today - she would normally have 1.5-2 hours late morning then another 40 minutes in the afternoon. I've tried putting her down for her nap 3 times, DP has taken her for a drive, out for a walk in the pushchair. He's taken her for another walk now.

We are obviously giving her lots of love and attention as she seems incredibly anxious and scared, but I am worried that (a) this will go on for ages and my head will drop off from tirednesss, and (b) it's a symptom of something worrying.

DP is really beating himself up about it. Tempting though it is to tell him that yes, I agree, this is all his fault who leaves a wriggling mobile baby on top of a high surface?, that's not going to help anyone, so I need to figure out how to cope.

Has anyone had any experience with anything like this? Any survival tips or advice? Anything?

TheArmadillo Mon 15-Aug-11 15:57:19

she probably be like this for a few days as she may be still a bit achey and shaken up. I'd give her a gentle bath and some calpol before bed.

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