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natie26 Fri 22-Jul-11 08:26:48


My 18 month old baby boy has, over the past few weeks, started waking up between half 4 and 5 every morning! He has always slept to at least half 6 or 7.

He cries continuously, i go into him and lay him back down, offer his dummy which he refuses. And it continues until i eventually give in and get him up about 6! I hate hearing him and leaving him to cry but i want him to know that it is not time to get up yet and by 8am he is in bed again for his nap which i did want to try and drop. He sleeps for two hours in the afternoon and goes to bed between 7 and half 7pm.

He gets really stroppy and throws everything out the cot and screams when i leave the room and sometime throws himself back.

Please could somebody give me some advice on how i can get my son to sleep until a reasonable time.

He has a blackout blind in his room!

Thank you :-)

Tigresswoods Fri 22-Jul-11 08:28:53

Maybe try getting him up after an hour from his pm nap. Painful I know but worth a try!

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