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feeling like a lousy parent

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mummy2l Wed 29-Jun-11 15:21:09

Am having problems with my 18mo ds. He was a biter just after he turned 1 and has now progressed to pushing and grabbing at other children. He has boundless energy and just gets really excited to see other children but just can't play nicely next to them he has to grab. None of my friends dcs do this and he made two of them cry within about 5 mins of meeting up with them today. We go to two toddler groups per week so I wonder if he's not getting enough contact with other kids as he behaves nicely at home or do I need to channel his energy and excitement in a different way? I just don't know what to do any help greatly appreciated thanks smile

Tryharder Wed 29-Jun-11 16:52:47

He's still a baby and if he's bigger and more boisterous than other babies/toddlers, then yes, he may well end up pushing or grabbing as you describe. My DS1 was a bit like this and I just had to literally stand over him making sure he didn't inadvertedly hurt other children. It's a bit boring when you want to have a coffee and chat with the other mums but there you go...

If he does grab, I would immediately move him away from the situation/other child and say "No, don't grab/push/bite/whatever" in a firm voice. He doesn't really understand at the moment but he soon will. He'll grow out of it so don't worry.

mummy2l Wed 29-Jun-11 20:06:05

Hi thanks for your response. He defiantly seems to have a lot more energy than other toddlers but is no bigger this doesn't seem to put him off though! I completely agree that I need to be more watchful of him. I have been "helicopter parenting" him for a while but friends keep saying I need to chill I think i'll ignore them and stick with it smile I'm also going to try and do more physical things with him so he has an outlet for his energy and move him away from such situations with a firm no.
Thank you for your reassurance I really hope it is just a phase I don't want him to be friendless when he gets to school sad !!

MogTheForgetfulCat Thu 30-Jun-11 20:18:41

He won't be friendless when he gets to school! My DS1 was a dreadful shover as a toddler, was always sending other children flying and making them cry - it was mortifying and made me really upset and anxious. I shadowed him round for aaaaages as you describe - most wearisome. He grew out of it and is now a lovely, sweet-natured 5yo, having a lovely time in Reception with some lovely friends smile. It. Is. A. Phase. <repeat as required>

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