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Toddler waking up in night but not crying

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c0vb1rd Sun 26-Jun-11 16:04:34

hi mums net peeps,

My dd is is 3 in august and in the last 2 months has started to get up out bed shouting for me. When it first stared she would walk straight in to our room and just stand there (very scary) we did make sure she wasn't sleep walking. we then resorted to putting a gate on her door so ever since stands at the door shouting for me. Me and my hubby talked to dd about 'monsters' and she there are some but isn't upset when she does gets up then proceeds to say 'you get me up in the morning so I get mummy and daddy up', we also have a dream catcher in the room and explained what it is for. Is this just a phase? Or are we missing something?

Thanks in advance

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