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Rolling over and grabbing at 17 weeks

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Bet01 Thu 23-Jun-11 13:49:29

hi all, DS is a sturdy lad (just under 17lbs and very long) and although he keeps trying, he can't yet roll over. He lies on his back and twists himself into all sorts of weird angles but so far nothing. Also, although he will pull things to his mouth if they're on his chest, he won't reach out for things like the dangly bits on his play gym.
I think this is roughly when he should be doing this stuff, so should I worry?

BornSicky Thu 23-Jun-11 14:33:47

i've got a five month old that does all of this and he grabs things too.

he's developed all these skills at different times. he first rolled over weeks ago and didn't repeat it again until this week.

I think all babies do things at different rates and if he's happy and generally well, then he sounds fine.


sweetuphoria Thu 23-Jun-11 15:05:37

My DD rolled at about 20 weeks and starting grabbing for things, moving things from hand to hand etc all around the same time. She seemed to develop a lot in the space of a week.

Definitely don't worry, he sounds like he's doing great!

BionicEmu Thu 23-Jun-11 16:37:55

My DS rolled over at about 4 months, walked holding on to my hands at 6 months, but didn't sit until 8 months or grab for things until 7 months! Never any interest in crawling. I think they all get there in the end - at 8 months my DS is broadly where he should be, just took a different route to get there.

The first attempts at rolling over are painful to watch though, aren't they? It took all my will-power not to just gently push him to help!

Additionally, a friend of mine has never seen her 7mo DS roll over - she knows he does it because she finds him on his front, but he only ever does it when she's not there!

If you're really worried, ask your HV when you take him to get weighed next, but it's v. early days so I'd say just wait and see, probably one day he'll just do it and surprise both himself and you. smile

Paschaelina Thu 23-Jun-11 16:44:11

Boy rolled from back to front at 5.5 months. A week previously he had not shown any signs of attempting it. He's just started crawling at 9 months. They all do it differently.

Bet01 Thu 23-Jun-11 16:57:02

Thanks everyone, I think the conclusion is that although babies do start these things around the age of DS, they all have their own timescales and their own order of doing things.
Emu, yes he really does contort himself in all sorts of weird ways- looks like he's going to snap his neck! Doesn't seem to bother him though.
I'll mention it to my HV if he hasn't done it in the next few weeks...

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