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teething - how long do i have to put up with it before the little lady cuts her first tooth?

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sweetuphoria Sun 05-Jun-11 19:19:32

Ok so we have been dealing with a very grumpy 5mo for a few weeks now. Am sure its teething cos she's chewing on her hands/toys, rosy cheeks and a slight temperature and whining a lot. I can also see some teeth in her bottom gums and her gums look sore (although surprisingly they are not the bottom front 2 teeth but slightly to the side!?)

Any way I keep asking people how long this is going to go on for and the general consensus is it lasts a while. But how long in your experience from these symptoms until cutting first tooth?

Also any top tips on pain relief? So far just using dentinox gel.

Tia smile

Masalamama Sun 05-Jun-11 19:33:52

Hi there

My DD cut her 1st one at 8.5 mo and is still waiting for 4 aged 27 mo so hang in there. Dentinox is not great... I would strongly advice the little white Ashton & Parsons powders and also homeopathy remedies chamomilla and calc carb (30 strength).

The good news is she'll be weaning soon so you can give her chunks of toast, cold cucumber, etc so she can soothe herself. Worse comes to worse - Calpol!

Hope she feels better soon

jobo84 Sun 05-Jun-11 19:38:55

my first daughter cut her first tooth at 6 months, second daughter at 8 months and my son not until 11 and a half months, they just would not come through and he started the signs of teething at around 5 -6 months, went on for ages, although each baby is different it is usually around 6 months from what i have seen that alot seem to get their first tooth.

Aston and parsons teething powder is good
bickie pegs
wooden toy blocks
my son took to chewing a dummy even though he didnt have one to soothe himself
calpol if she seems in alot of pain and you need a break

btw my son got the top 2 next to the main front ones, was very funny


eversoslightlytired Sun 05-Jun-11 19:49:17

Tommy Tippee Teething Soothers have really worked for my 2 DC - you can get them at Sainsburys £5 for pack of 2. DD is 13 weeks and was born with her first tooth and is now teething horrendously. She enjoys a good old chew on it

sweetuphoria Sun 05-Jun-11 19:52:04

Ah looks like I may be in for a long ride then. Thanks to you both for sharing your experiences. Although really all I wanted you to day was 'oh it'll come through in about a week' grin

sweetuphoria Sun 05-Jun-11 19:54:47

Thanks also eversoslightlytired - I will be stocking up on all the remedies you've all suggested!

sparklyrainbow Sun 05-Jun-11 19:58:32

Get anbesol over the counter at the pharmacy. Much better than any gels, it's a liquid. Also recommend the water filled things you shove in the freezer.

ellesabe Sun 05-Jun-11 19:59:32

My dd is at exactly the same stage! She has had a little white spot on her lower gum (a little off to the side) for about a month but I still can't feel anything coming through.
A couple of weeks ago she seemed in quite a lot of discomfort, with all of the same symptoms you describe, but has been much better since we bought her an amber teething anklet. Even the dribbling has stopped smile

jobo84 Sun 05-Jun-11 19:59:45

it gets easier if thats any help, with mine once one came through the rest just seemed to follow suit, and didnt cause as many problems (though not completely pain free just not as bad). Hope that makes this time seem a bit better for you.

sweetuphoria Mon 06-Jun-11 19:15:53

Thanks all

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