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Activity blocks for walking development - help!

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mummytomatildaandrose Thu 26-May-11 18:41:04

My DD1 is 2.5 and only walked at 26 months. She has hyper flexibility which makes it harder to gain her balance, which is all fine. She walks perfectly now with the exception of steps. She finds it really hard to go up and down steps. She crawls up the stairs and whenever she needs to go up or down a step, she goes on all fours, goes over the steps, and then stands up again. Our health visitor did her assessment on her this morning and suggested that we get some activity blocks for her to create little obstacles for her. The thing is, I cannot for the life of me find the blocks that she is referring to! Any ideas? DD1 just has an issue with confidence too - so she just has to build it up slowly, which is why soft play areas are a nightmare for us! Help please!

belindarose Fri 27-May-11 07:16:55

I can't think what she means either, but hopefully someone will. We go to a 'gym tots' session, which might be something you could try. It's at a proper gym club, run by qualified coaches and has a good mixture of structured and free play. Much calmer than soft play as each child has one parent to be with them all the time. All the children work at their own pace and seem to develop confidence really well. I think most towns with a gymnastics club have similar sessions.

babyjane67 Fri 27-May-11 18:51:16

i second gymtots but also softplay has helped my dd no end!
she is hypermobile2&didnt walk til wk before she turned2
shes2 8now&manages walking downstairs very well with holding a hand now but still crawls up them
dont know what blocks yr hv is on about but maybe look on the hmsa web site as they are a wealth of info&can prob tell you what you need
hth smile

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