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A question about poo (sorry :-/)

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5DollarShake Sun 16-Jan-11 13:49:25

DD is 5 months and one week old. For the last 2 or so week, she has done one poo a week, or gone for an even longer period. I know once a week is within the realms of normal, but she used to be a once-a-day girl, sometimes more frequently than that.

She did finally blow go a couple of hours ago - previous to that, she went the Wenesday before last, so Jan 5th...! shock And before that, it was at least a week, but I wasn't actually counting the days then.

Today's offering was substantial, but not what I would consider well over a week's worth. hmm Likewise, the previous one - a lot, but not ludicrously so. Weird. And the fact that she was on our brand new, 2-hour old sofa at the time is neither here nor there. angry

She is fine in herself, but does this not seem odd? DH wants me to take her to the doctor, but I said I would check the fount of knowledge which is MN first. She is EBF.

Japers Sun 16-Jan-11 13:53:47

There is very little waste with breastmilk. It's pretty pure stuff. She is probably using almost all of it for a big old growth spurt, has she been feeding lots?

I wouldn't be worried with only one poo a week(even 10 days is fine) for an EBF baby so long as the baby is fine, eating well, not showing any signs of tummy pain or discomfort and when she does go it isn't hard or dry or causing any pain.

Greeninkmama Sun 16-Jan-11 14:42:37

Mine was a once-a-weeker too. It was a shock when I then had a six-times-a-day one!

5DollarShake Sun 16-Jan-11 17:19:06

Thanks for the replies! She is otherwise just fine - does seem a bit hungrier - which of course is causing me some consternation in light of recent 'news' due to the fact that she is 5.25 month old and EBF... <rolls eyes emoticon>

DS, also EBF until 6 months, was a 4 X a dayer, and even now at nearly 2 sometimes still is! So this is somewhat different, to say the least.


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