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10 weeks old sleeping too long at night?

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emilyanorak Thu 13-Jan-11 19:29:21

How long should I let my 10 week old sleep at night?

Last night he slept from 7.30pm till 5am when I woke him up to feed him. The previous night it was 7pm till 4am when I woke him again to feed him.

should I wake him or leave him to sir himself? should I even be leaving him this long?

he will go back down to sleep after the feed till around 6.30/7am when he seems to know it's 'wake up' time.

He's a very happy baby, good weight, has 5 feeds during the day (we combination feeding bottle only, mainly formula due to breastfeeding problems).

He naps during the day, but doesn't have long sleeps though he never seems overtired and is a content little boy.

So, should I leave him to sleep right through the night at 10 weeks?

Holly66 Thu 13-Jan-11 19:39:46

Hi, I'm not an expert but if his weight is ok I would personally leave him to it. My friend's baby did something very similar and started sleeping through at 10 weeks. My son slept through at 17 weeks. As long as his weight gain is ok I think its fine to leave him to it. Some babies are naturally more sleepy then others but I know it's hard to stop worrying. I couldn't sleep when my son started sleeping through!

As for breast feeding problems, you've done really well to come this far. My son stopped trying to breast feed at 5 weeks but I managed to keep him going until 10 on expressed milk. Is his bedtime feed breast or formula? My son started sleeping for longer stretches when he started having formula at bedtime as it takes longer to digest.

emilyanorak Thu 13-Jan-11 19:59:52

Thanks for the breast feeding support. We also fed from the breast until 6 weeks, we had a rubbish latch which got worse and worse, the clinic and baby cafe just couldn't help. We were both stressed, I was getting mastitis he was getting bad wind so we just had to stop. Been expressing since. He's always been a good sleeper at night, but I guess I'd been waking him to feed and never due hold long he would sleep. Its only been over the last few days we've left him and he seems happy to sleep through!

hillyhilly Thu 13-Jan-11 20:06:42

Let him sleep!!!
Both my babies were exclusively breast fed and both 'slept through' (similar hours to yours) from around 11weeks.
My ds then started waking at night when he got nearer to weaning but reverted.
Btw, not boasting, we do realise just how lucky we've been!0

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