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OMG, she's actually got it!

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ilythia Tue 04-Jan-11 22:39:09

DD2 is 3.2 and an adamant nappy user, flat out refused to think about using the loo or the potty. She started FT nursery in september so I couldn't go cold turkey until christmas as I thought it would be unfair on them to deal with it.
First day, lots of asking, lots of her getting veyr cross at me asking, lots of weeing on the floor.
Second day, everything in the potty or the loo (our loo is a long way to get to for a little one) We went out to soft play on the weekend and I put a pull up on but it stayed dry (I had travel potty as well) and today, last big hurdle, first day back at nursery...and she stayed dry all day, AND she pooed at nursery! In the loo!

She is dry at night but wants a nappy for now, which is fine I have half a pack to use up, but I think, I think that might be it for nappies for me! after 5 years!

I am so happygrin

meandjoe Tue 04-Jan-11 23:04:15

Yay! Congratulations! Well done to her. My 3.4 yr old has been fine weeing on toilet since he was just turned 2. Getting him to poo in it is a different matter all together and he is no where near dry at night! I fear I have a long journey ahead of me!

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